Sunday, October 7, 2007

Only in France!!!

I decided to open my bank account at BNP Paribas because they made it easy for me and that convinced two other assistants in town to also open their accounts there. So Friday morning we all troop down to the small BNP office by the cathedral and piled into the office of the banker there. She's young and fun and very nice, we had a fun time together. So much fun, in fact, that after the two other assistants had finished their paperwork she showed us a powerpoint photo show that her friend had sent to her. Has everyone heard of the naked rugby calendar? This was a slideshow of photos from the making of the naked rugby calendar. Basically we all sat around and looked at porn together. I think this goes in the same category as being able to buy lingerie everywhere you go.

Last night I went to Paris for Nuit Blanche, which is like a sort of artsy all night party through thestreets of Paris. It was my first real Paris experience. I went to the Tour Eiffel, saw Notre Dme from the outside, passed briefly through the courtyard at the Louvre, sat in the Jardin de Tuileries for a while, and wandered around the Rue de Rivoli. The Eiffel Tower was just neat to see in person, especially once they lit it up for the evening, but the buildings were breathtaking. I'd seen pictures of the Louvre and ND in art history class but it doesn't at all compare to seeing them in person. The architecture is amazing, especially since ND is so beautiful and white and clean now. Incredible. I also happened to be in the university area when the French national rugby team beat the New Zealand team - everyone was cheering, horns were honking, everywhere was celebration. It was pretty fun, I might try to go back for another game!

I start teaching on Monday, tomorrow. I'm a little apprehensive, since I have absolutely not one single qualification to teach other than the fact that I speak English. I'm expecting the first days to be pretty rough, but I'll do my best to learn on my feet. All the teachers have been really nice, and tomorrow will be at my super nice school in Courmelles, so my goal is to make it through the day without a meltdown. I'll be with CM1 and CM2, 9-11 year olds. Wish me luck! Good luck to everyone else who starts teaching soon!


Andromeda said...

My french roomate had been going on and on about that naked rugby calendar!! You'd think they'd all be used to naked people in tv commercials and stuff, but I guess it's still pretty exciting!

Alexandra said...

Mira! I love your entries. I want to hear about teaching! (and living and eating and the people you've met).