Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No internet!!

Hey folks... I was surprised the other day by the internet at the lycée being turned off for the summer! So this is my first time with internet since last Friday. It's also probably my last time for a couple of weeks because I'm leaving for the south of France with D. Her family has an apartment in Canet so we'll be spending a few weeks lounging on the beach. I know, don't hate me. I will be returning to the US the 29th of July, hanging out with the fam, speaking English, etc, and then coming back to France the 22nd of September (well, the plane gets in on the 23rd).

See you in a couple of weeks when I have internet again!


Monique said...

At first I thought you were talking about "Le Cannet" right by Cannes and I was going to be quite jealous. Because even though I spent eight months in that region, I miss it :)

shannon said...

Dude!! We once again will be arriving in France on the same day! I'll send you some visa info in a bit once I figure it out. If I don't hear from you tomorrow, maybe I'll give you a call and I can try to get a visa appt for you.

Have fun!!!!

Leesa said...

Hola Chica!

Hope you have a good trip back to the States!! See ou when you get back!!!

Take care,

Le Tigre in France said...

Have fun in the south and safe travels back to the US (and returning to France). Be sure to update us while you're in the US.

Andromeda said...

Oh jealous!! I still have a few more wees till I can get to visit friends on the Jersey Shore. Not really the same as the south of France though! Have fun and safe travels this summer!

Leah said...

Oh man, you have two months at home? Lucky girl!