Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Makes Everything Better!

This is my plea to the gods of snow that there will be a gigantic snowstorm while I'm home. Some photos from last Tuesday when it actually snowed here (for about three hours, until it turned to rain and melted).

At the local abbey ruins... OK, so there isn't a whole lot of snow, but I think it's a nice picture

At a park

Are you daydreaming of sledding and snowmen and snow angels yet?

From my window
So it wasn't a lot of snow, and it didn't stick for very long, but any snow is welcome here! Here's thinking snowy thoughts for all of the expats....


shannon said...

You had more snow than we did!! It didn't stick like that! Only enough to make me almost fall as I rushed to class because I wasted time trying to take pictures.

Monique said...

I have no idea what that's like... except for the tiny tiny bit of snow left overnight at my dad's in Annecy last Easter. I just want some more sun!!

Good luck getting your wish :)