Thursday, November 4, 2010


Guys, I'm so busy these days I don't even know how I have five minutes to upload these pictures and write a simple blog post.  Someday when I have time I'll write about everything I'm doing.

It was my job to carve the pumpkin this year, and my dad helped a little, like cutting off the top:

It had a really thick skin so we had a really hard time cutting it.  I was exhausted afterward!  Who knew that carving a pumpkin was so much work!

I found a really cute cyclops pumpkin template, and it didn't turn out too badly if I may say so myself:

Eventually we stuck it on our front porch and put a little votive candle inside to show the 15 kids in the neighborhood who trick or treat that we were open for business!


Leesa said...


Love your cyclops pumpkin!!!!

Zhu said...

I'm slightly worried: where is your head? I see hands and feet but no head!!! :-)

I have never carved a pumpkin, lazy me. But I like the cyclop!

getyourselfconnected said...

That thing is SCARY!

I am so pleased you loved the book! Have a great weekend.

au soleil levant said...

Leesa - thanks!

Zhu - that's actually my dad carving the pumpkin, not me! I took pictures of him helping me. He just cut the top off and I did all the pattern cutting. Glad you like the cyclops!

GYSC - I guess it is a little creepy with the candle inside!

Barbara said...

Hi Mira,

I am glad to be catching up with you.
What a cool pumpkin!
I laugh about once, when I carved a pumpkin in France, and lit it up to show my in-laws how Halloween is celebrated.
I would do all types of experiences; make them taste pancakes & maple syrup or pumpkin pie( "spécial,le goût", saif FIL).

Have a nice weekend and I hope to see you again soon.

Monique said...

haha I love it! That is super cute. It was so hot here my pumpkin rotted before Halloween.... oh well.

And I always thought carving pumpkins was sooo laborious. Not the case this year. It went fast and clean-up was pretty easy too.

So fun :)

au soleil levant said...

Hi Barbara - I love introducing Frenchies to American traditions. Pumpkin pie grosses most of them out!

Monique - yeah, rub it in my face that it was easy to carve YOUR pumpkin :) Sorry it rotted, that's so lame!