Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow, GVHD, Classes

There's still not a lot going on here.  I have TONS of work to do for my online classes.  I think they give you more work than a normal university-level class would because there's no other way to evaluate if you understand the class or not.  I have something due every week!  And not just a little something, like long essays and forum discussions.  I haven't done the school thing in almost four years, so it's quite a shock! 

Then there's all the health stuff.  My GVHD is probably the worst it's ever been.  I'm covered in weird skin spots, and I'm worried that I'm getting it in my lungs, which would restrict my breathing.  I'm still not enough recovered from the weakness I developed when I was getting radiation and on very high dose steroids.  The weakness is in my legs.  Chairs have to be a certain height if I just stand up out of them, otherwise I have to use my arms to push myself out off the chair.  Stairs are ridiculous.  And there's the edema!  GVHD can make you retain fluid and I am retaining a ton in my legs, which also limits my mobility, or at least makes it harder to get around.  I'm so tired of being sick and having problems.  I really thought I would be done with this by now.  I'm 14 months out of my second transplant!

But I do love the snow!  I don't drive in it, so I have no reason to not like it.  I just look out the window and see how pretty it is in my subdivision.  It's all going to melt away over the next few days though because it's going to be warm!  You know, like 35 degrees instead of 2 like it's been the past couple of weeks.  I guess we'll take what we can get during the winter! 

So that's what's going on here these days.  Classes, GVHD and doctor's appointments, and snow.  Nothing exciting, but that's probably good :)


getyourselfconnected said...

Well hello!

Glad to hear some things are going ok. Sorry about the things that are not. I imagine it must be very frustrating to be constarined on what you can do. You know I wish you well.

The roofers came this week to clear the roof of snow and ice so there will be no collapse over my head. Snow is pretty.......NOT!

au soleil levant said...

Hey! Is it too late for a Friday night request? I was thinking about it this morning and forgot to say anything! What about Jason Mraz, "The Remedy"? If that is too objectionable, I'll accept Boston's "More than a Feeling."

Thanks for the good wishes. Glad you won't be crushed by snow now!

getyourselfconnected said...

Never too late for your pick! It will lead off the night.

Zhu said...

Hey girl!

I'm finally back, so more time to catch up on the latest news.

I remember I had tons of work when I was doing my French degree in Canada. I believe like you said that they tend to give you more materials since you are not attending classes. Keep it up! You'll make it I'm sure.

Health problems suck, can't argue with that. But haut les coeurs! Ça va aller mieux. 14 months is a long time but at the same time, your body is still recovering.

au soleil levant said...

Welcome back! Boy were you gone for a long time! I have to catch up on a bunch of your posts, I've been too busy with work to read blogs, if you'll believe that. Thanks for the encouragement, and good luck getting back into life in Canada!

Emily said...

Sorry to hear about the continuing GVHD problems. Your spirit and enthusiasm despite it all is extraordinary.

Monique said...

I'm glad to hear you're taking classes!! I'm tutoring a girl in an online math class and it's exactly the same. If she doesn't understand, she falls behind really quickly. I hope yours isn't like that!!

And I'm sorry you're not feeling well again :( but at least you have all that pretty, cleansing snow to look at until you start to recover!!

au soleil levant said...

Emily - thanks :)

Monique - well, I'm not taking math yet, but I will next month, so hopefully it'll go okay?