Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Rentrée

My French is awesome after vacation. On Monday I told a boy in my crazy CM2 class to go get a piece of paper that I had left next to the paper cutter. Or so I thought. He returned to the classroom with the paper cutter! In my other CM2 class yesterday we were doing tongue twisters and I asked for a brave volunteer to read one alone in front of the class. Not a single kid volunteered, which really surprised me because they are usually really eager to volunteer. Finally, one boy raises his hand very very tentatively and reads the first one (it was Peter Piper). So I said "great job!" and asked for the next volunteer, and suddenly everyone wanted to read. Turns out they thought I wanted them to read the entire page of tongue twisters. Oy.

Congratulations to the maitre of the CM1/CE2 class, whose wife just had a baby. Bad luck for me, because that means he's on congé paternel now and I get the class all to myself. Normally we share this class, so that one day a week I have the CM1 and the other day the CE2. Honestly, I don't think it's a good system, I don't think the kids are learning anything. However, these kids are completely incapable of behaving, and I'd rather only deal with 15 monsters than 27 monsters. And I'm serious about this - before I had to teach them all by myself yesterday the other teachers all wished me good luck. They're very sweet kids, but they just can't sit still or ever stop talking. Luckily we're doing animals now, which kids like and is easy enough to do activities with. Oy, quand meme. I will definitely have earned a trip to the soldes this weekend!


Destination Metz said...

I know what you mean, I have a class like that and thus they learn basically nothing, but I've kind of resigned myself to it. I can't even be bothered checking over everyone's spelling and stuff just seems pointless. I feel bad for 'giving up' on certain kids but they do nothing to help themselves.

Andromeda said...

i have told myself if there is at least one kid who learns something, i can't say that i failed! so i work hard for that one kid who just loves english, and hope the others get at least a little bit.

Au Soleil Levant said...

These are good things to know. I haven't so much given up on teaching them but given up on disciplining them and trying to make them be quiet and well behaved. I guess that is a way of giving up on teaching though, becuse the ones who talk just aren't going to learn anything. There are these two girls in the class who I just love, and it's really gratifying to see that they at least are learning something.