Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Soleil 2, Administration Bureaucracy 0: With the bureaucracy on the brink of elimination, Soleil begins to relax

Today was Call the Rectorat Day. I was on an outing with Directeur Napoleon Complex School, which involved running around in the woods with kids on a photo scavenger hunt. It was pretty fun. Anyway, we got back to the school with not a whole lot to do at 4, so I took advantage of my free time to make some phone calls.

Phone Call #1: The DARIEC. This is the person in charge of all international stuff in the academie. She didn't really seem to know what the deal was, so whe passed me off to the woman who coordinates assistants.

Phone Call #2: Véronique. Of course she couldn't just transfer my call, I had to hang up and call again. But, it was totally worth it. She knew who I was, and was the one with the most info and the most positive stuff to share! She said she knows I'm very motivated to return, and that they had recieved an avis très favorable about me from the CIEP yesterday. She says she is the overall coordinator for the program but not directly in charge so she passes me to another coworker who leads the assistantship program. Then she also tells me that she thinks it's going to work out for me!

Phone Call #3: Aude. Again, had to hang up and call back. Aude doesn't seem to know who I am, but she looks me up on her list and says yes, I'm on the assistant list now and she had sent it off to the Inspection Académique (ie, my buddy Pascale). I ask her what happens next. She says that the IA are the ones in charge of primaire assistants, so the thing to do is talk to Pascale.

Am I going to talk to Pascale? Not right now. She knows that I want to come back, and when I spoke to her last week she said she'd definitely try to get me back. So I feel like it would be overkill to call her again and say "hey I'm on the list now! do you have a spot for me?" She did give me the whole I can only get a post if someone drops out when I spoke to her last week, BUT the fact that Véronique thinks it will work out for me to come back gives me hope that maybe she knows something about available posts. Who knows. Basically at this point, I feel I've done what I can do. I made it back on the list, and now it's in the hands of someone who I know wants me back next year. And now I don't want to invite the evil eye by saying anything else. We'll see what happens....

Other news: thinking about going to Paris tomorrow because I need an Indian food fix. Luckily the grève of today wasn't well followed, nothing changed in my region in fact. And if there's a metro problem tomorrow, the cheap Indian place is within walking distance from Gare du Nord. Seriously, lunch plate for €5. Not quite as good as Indian buffet at home, but still pretty darn tasty.


shannon said...

I'm still so proud of you for all your work today!!

OMG! Indian food!! I love that little alley!! Mmm!!!! We had an awesome meal there that one time!! I've been craving Indian food as well. But of course in my little area, there are NO Indian restaurants. What the hell is this?? Chauny??

Monique said...

that makes me so happy that you're dropping the dude-bomb in France. Way to keep it up :)

Andromeda said...

Can I get a name on that Indian place??

And it really does sound like everything will work out with getting renewed, just patience patience patience! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

yeah! they are losing the soccor and the battle with you!

Au Soleil Levant said...

Thanks for the encouragement guys!

Monique - dude is quite possibly my favorite word. I use it a lot when I speak English. Dude.

Shannon - don't you live reasonably close to Cleveland? There must be Indian there!

Andromeda - it's more of an alley with five-ish different restaruants squished in, all competing for the lunch crowd with a €5 lunch menu. It's by the Chateau d'Eau metro (ligne 4). You walk south from the metro stop until you see an alley on your right squished with Indian restaurants. Also very walkable from Gare du Nord. It's a sketchy area - don't go at night.

Le Tigre - I'm totally the Netherlands right now. Germanic mother tongue, kicking France's behind....