Monday, August 18, 2008


After several days of feeling like my stomach was going to explode, I finally figured out why: yes, it's true, portion sizes are bigger in the US! I can't believe that I ever thought it was normal to finish the entire enormous plate of green curry that Thai restaurants give you. So in order to not be in pain all night long I've been reducing the amount of food that I eat, which of course means that my mom gives me a hard time about how I'm not eating enough. Don't worry Mom, I definitely won't be losing any weight in the US if you keep making me all those cherry pies and chocolate cakes and cookies!

Before I left France about 20 different Frenchies told me that French bakeries are popping up all over the US and are very popular. I thought to myself that was probably true in a large city or maybe Greenwich CT, but to my surprise I stumbled upon a French/Japanese bakery and restaurant/tea room. I'll probably stop by later this week to sample their pastries and teas. Then when I was doing some grocery shopping for my mom I stopped at the bakery section and tried a chocolate croissant from The Croissant Shop. The chocolate part was really good, but I found the pastry part to be dry and lacking in butter, despite the glowing review I just found online. This doesn't give me much hope for the other bakery, but you never know. So far the American French Style Bakeries are getting a big fat 0 in my book. I'll probably have to eat croissants every day for at least a week after I get back to take away the trauma.


Monique said...

oh man, come to CA. Apparently we like a little bit of everything out here. And YES, the French bakeries/pastries are just as good and up to par.

Leesa said...

Hi Mira.... I know what you mean! Same thing for me when we were in Cali! But we ate TONS of Mexican food and you know how heavy that is... I agree with you though, to eat smaller portions... Also, the croissants in the U.S. are not the same tasting as the ones in France.. Don't know why but the same consistency/lightness/flaky goodness is missing from the U.S. ones... Hope you have a nice time... See you soon... Leese

Andromeda said...

I've just been making all the food I miss so that solves both problems! But considering I have to make special trips to get what I consider "basics" (fresh tomatoes, ground meat, salad stuff) makes me sad that my parents will not be continuing the healthy eating once I leave. Sigh.

I am more of a pain au chocolat person, though I am just as picky! Good luck in your hunt!

Au Soleil Levant said...

I think the problem with the pastries is the butter. I find the butter in France to be amazingly good, and I have no idea what the difference is! Maybe the white cows rather than Holsteins? No idea. But maybe I need to get out to California and try something! And eat some Mexican food. Sadly the Mexican restaurants around here aren't very good and I'm not very good at making authentic Mexican!