Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's been a while!

I just don't have anything that intreresting in my life in the US to write about, so I haven't been writing much. It feels like I've been here forever, but of course I've done amazingly little to get ready to come back to France and so now that I will be on a plane at this time in 13 days I have to scramble to get everything done! It's mostly little, annoying things, like calling the bank and making photocopies, nothing too intense, but still stuff that I could have done earlier!

Oh yeah, and there's that little trip I have to take to Chicago to get my visa. My arrete FINALLY got here yesterday. I have no idea what took so long, since it had been signed on July 8 before the inspection closed for the summer! Ahhh, France, how I have missed your bureaucratic ridiculousness. I'm glad it happened this year though and not last year. I would have majorly freaked out if I still didn't know where I'd be two weeks before departure. So I'll be heading to Chicago on the train next week, just in and out really quickly unfortunately. I'm so glad I live close enough to go by train, and that it's a cheap trip!

Last weekend I was in Boston and Providence visiting my friends from college. We had a really awesome weekend together, just lots of talking and catching up. I had forgotten how much I miss being with them. It's so great to hang out with friends who you can be totally honest with, who always understand you, and are always there for you. And who there's no language barrier with! I think the hardest part of going back to an "all French all the time" life style will be losing that ease of communication that I have in English. My French has really improved, but I'm still not fluent and I still have to reexplain myself more frequently than I care to admit! And it makes me wonder if I'll ever be as close with anyone in France as I am with my friends and family here in the US. There will always be a communication barrier of some sort. It will lessen as time goes on of course, but even so, will I ever really be able to tell someone exactly what I want to say?


shannon said...

I'm glad your arrete finally arrived!

I have tons more to say about the language thing, but I'm going to send you a message on Facebook b/c I'll be talking about one of my friends.

Andromeda said...

I thought the language things was what was keeping my from getting close to people here, but I'm kind of reserved even with other anglophones! So I've decided not to stress, it took 18 years to find 3 really good friends in the states, so I'm not too discouraged that I haven't found any here yet, anglo or french. I think finding a good gal pal is harder than finding a boyfriend!

Leah said...

Time's a-flyin, no? Isn't it nice to know how things work in France and still find it annoying, but at least learn to expect it? As for French friends, they really can be hard to come by or so I'm told. Luckily for me, I eased into it by becoming really good friends with my old roomie and her copines. But, she also happened to be someone who was in England for 1.5 yrs and is open to other cultures(and so are most of her friends too!) Yes, I complained about her a lot, but she is pretty awesome.

Does the boyf have friends that are girls? Or maybe his friends' girlfriends? I'm sure you'll make friends fast. As for saying exactly what you want to say, I think there will always be miscommunications, bad translations and frustrations(hey, that rhymed!), but there will be less and less with time. Just try your best and you'll be ok!

Misplaced said...

you'll love the fench consulate in Chicago- it's decorated in everything that was wrong with the late 60's. Have fun and I enjoy the blog

au soleil levant said...

Thanks as always for the comments guys!

Ben apparently knows everyone in our town, so I'll be meeting lots of people next year. This wasn't so much to complain about not having friends, but rather wondering if I can ever be as close friends with non-anglophones as I am with anglophones, or will the language barrier always be there? Maybe I'll blog in more detail about it.

Misplaced in the Midwest, wow, I'm so flattered! I found your blog just a few weeks ago and LOVE it. I'm so sorry you're closing up shop. At least I still have some archives to work through, but then what will I do!?