Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Packing up

I've started packing now, and it seems so much easier than it did last year! I really stocked up on toiletries last year, so I have a lot of things like sunscreen left there, so I'm not bringing as much of that kind of thing as I did. Of course in return I am bringing a ton of teaching stuff and American food and size 11 shoes!

I feel very relaxed about heading back next week. I'm sure that my relaxed attitude means that I will forget things, but if I do, c'est pas trop grave! I can either plead with my mom to send it to me or ask someone I know (because I know people there now!) where I can find it. I really would like to find the adaptor plug I brought home with me and seem to have lost though. Don't really feel like buying another one of those. I feel like I'm going back to where I'm supposed to be.

Let's keep that last sentance between us and not tell my mom, okay? ;)

Leaving tomorrow (finally!) for Chicago to get my visa. I know I'm going to shop. I really have to stop spending money! I keep thinking "I brought back euros, I can spend them now!" If I keep doing this I will have 0 euros left and live off of pasta for the next month.


Eileen said...

I lost my plug adaptor too in the interim between my years... I think it's a conspiracy.

Leesa said...

YAYYYYY!!!! Le RETOUR!! Have a great time in Chicago and have a safe trip back to France!! Glad that all is ZEN with you ... Hope you find the plug, too! I bought one here for 30 euros at Darty and it only worked once or twice and broke!! I had thrown away the receipt so I couldn't return the defected stupid thing!!! I was mad! Oh well... it's a conspiracy.... My project at the moment is to find out if a Kitchen Aid appliance bought in the U.S. with the 110 voltage can be used in France with a converter or if there is some switch to change the voltage-- the machine is about $300 US and 400 euros!!!! YIKKKEEESS What a price difference..
Have fun bringing your loot back to France.. Did you check out the books I recommended- Side by Side?? I'm using them right now ... Take care!

Andromeda said...

Have fun shopping! My budget when home was like, 200 euros, ummmm, thrown out the window in about three seconds. Do you have a savings account in France? That helped me keep some aside for when I got back. Safe travels!

shannon said...

Hope you having a safe trip to and from Chicago. I hope you find some pretty things there! I found lots of great things while there, but I only allowed myself to buy cute sandals and a shirt on clearance at the Gap.

au soleil levant said...

Thanks all. Andromeda, I thought we weren't allowed to open savings accounts in France? And Leesa yes, I got Side by Side books 1 and 2 and I think they're great! Thanks so much for the suggestion!

Andromeda said...

Well, when the lady from Societe Generale called randomly one day to ask if I wanted a savings account, I said yes and I got some paperwork in the mail, so it's definitely possible. Might be tax reasons, or if you're only here 7 months it's not worth the hassle.