Thursday, October 16, 2008

To get to V School I can't just take the normal bus, I have to take this weird transport on demand line that the city bus runs. They have lines out to smaller or further outlying towns that run at specific times but you have to call at least an hour in advance (or the night before for morning) to reserve a spot and a pick up point. Not so bad, except for remembering to call. Well, this week I had to change my reservations, that I had made on Monday to be all on top of things, two times. Apparently this was way to ridiculous for the lady who takes the reservations. I got yelled at that this is not how the service works, that if I'm not sure of my schedule I should just wait until the day of to make a reservation, and then she threatened to not change my reservation and essentially kick me off of the bus line! WTF! She is there to help me, not the other way around! Whatever. I just played the dumb foreigner card and she decided to let me keep using the stupid bus line. Luckily it looks like three out of my four trips to and from V School coincide with the really nice tech lady who had already offered to give me rides, and now it looks like that's going to work out, so now I only have to deal with the psychotic reservations lady for one ride a week. But really, how French is that? I couldn't follow simple rules and therefore I get yelled at and threatened. And of course it never occured to her that helping the people who need rides is her job. Nope, she just gets bothered all the time by lousy foreigners who don't own cars when she should be shooting the breeze with the other lady in the office. Clearly I should just find another way to get there and stop bothering her during working hours. Sheesh.

Other news... monster class will be getting homework and a quiz every day until they can start behaving like normal children. Monday was Day One of the new policy and we'll see how it goes. I hate doing it, but I cannot spend every class coming up with new strategies to make them shut their traps and listen. Hopefully this will work....

I voted! One more vote in the bucket for Obama! It's starting to look pretty good for us, but I know I'll still be holding my breath on election night. Anyone else thinking about going the the Democrats Abroad election night party?

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