Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Funny Hallmates Version 2009

Last Wednesday I went into the kitchen, like I do every morning, to pour milk and orange juice and grab a yogurt (actually not a yogurt, a fjord, fromage frais in little packages, which I just started eating and loooove). I was supposed to be starting a new eight-pack of yogurt....

....except that there were only six in there! I immediately thought "who ate my yogurt?!?!?!?!" Then I thought "well, I might be misremembering, I should check my reciepts." Then "Who the &%$@ ate my yogurt?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

I did end up checking my reciept from Monoprix, just to be sure that I had bought eight yogurts the day before, and yeah, I had. Then began the detective work of finding out who ate my yogurt. The most likely culprit is of course somone else who lives on the hall and uses the kitchen. I live in a professor's hallway in a lycee with a shared bathroom and kitchen and private bedrooms. But no one has ever eaten my food before, nor have I heard anyone else complain about missing food. I decided that maybe someone hd been so hungry they thought they were going to pass out, but didn't have any food at the lycee and it was late at night so they couldn't buy anything and so decided to eat my yogurt. I could accept that, although some kind of note or repayment would be nice. And although that's the most likely scenario, the door to the hallway is always open and doesn't lock, so it could have been anyone: a student, surveillant, even the proviseur! (who just dyed his grey hair black, btw. Looks very strange)

Fast forward to the next day when I repeat the same routine of going to the kitchen to get my breakfast items. There's a package of mousse sitting on my shelf, and it's not mine. So I move it to another shelf above mine, grab my yogurt and start putting milk in my cereal. And then it hits me - the mousse is a replacement for my yogurt! I burst out laughing because now I know exactly who it was!

A prof from another lycee lives on the hallway, and he's a kind of awkward person. When he's in his room he always leaves the door open a crack, even when he's sleeping. I'm not sure if he's looking for someone to come visit or what. Whenever we're in the computer room together he always brings my printouts to me, as if he thinks he's being very gallant or something. And his comportment is a little awkward. I know it's him because he's the only one who eats in the cafeteria for dinner, and the mousse is given as dessert in the cafeteria. So he must have felt bad about eating my yogurt, but not bad enough to go out and buy me another one! He did give up dessert for me though, so maybe that's his version of calling it even?

The kicker is that I don't like mousse, so it's still sitting in the fridge.

It's the thought that counts, right?

I'll put a PS on the blog to say that the Obama inauguration was fabulous, and his speech was amazing. I feel uplifted and hopeful and sooooo ready for him to start working tomorrow! President Obama, how well that sounds!

PPS - if you can place the quote in that last sentance you win the prize


Noelia said...

Maybe the weid guy wants a friend! ;-)

(BTW, just stumbled upon your blog and it's very nice! I shall be back!)

au soleil levant said...

Thanks Noelia! Just checked out your blog, I'll be visiting you there!

A friend is it? Or is he giving an open invitation to all hallway dwellers? ;)