Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm Back!

And I have a lot to share! Lots of things have happened on break and not on break. Let's start with the most recent and dramatic events:

The yogurt stealer is at it again!!!!! WTF, just go buy your own *#&$ food! It was Tuesday morning that I noticed the yogurt theft and I was so pissed off I was shaking. So I pasted a note on the refrigerator door that says roughly "thank you for not eating food that you haven't bought yourself. All the food in this kitchen is private property, not for public consumption. This is not the first time that someone has eaten my yogurts, please stop! If you want to eat, buy your own food!"

I was pissed.

I think I scared the wimpy Awkward Yogurt Stealing Prof because there were two yogurts on my shelf this morning. And not even the stuff he gets from the cafeteria, real yogurts that he must have bought himself! But I don't want these yogurts. One of them is pear, and I do not like pear. I've never seen pear yogurt before, who would want to eat that? It sounds awful. Anyway, the point is not that he make up for what he took but that he stop taking my food!
I can't actually proove that it was him this most recent time. Someone new was on the hall Monday evening and left Tuesday after school. He said he was a rempla├žant (substitute) so I have no idea if he'll be coming back or not. It could have been him or the Awkward Yogurt Stealing Prof. Weirdly enough he looks just like one of my uncles but much skinnier and wears only black.

Other than the yogurt drama that just won't end (!!!) things are fine since I've been back. I did a big review session with all of my classes and was very pleased with everything they remembered, except for one class that just made me scratch my head. I'm going to have to reteach them half of what we've already done. They're only CE1 so it's not a big deal.
So I was on vacation for two weeks and had a great time. I could have used another couple of days in Nice at the end though, it was so peaceful and relaxing to be near the Mediterranean, and the setting is just breathtaking. It would have been nice to have a couple more days to just read on the beach, looking out over the water.

More to come from the Loire Valley, Avignon, and Arles!

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shannon said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to hear about your travels!