Wednesday, July 1, 2009

End of School Bilan

End of the school year meals scheduled for this week: 4

Meals I actually want to go to: 2

Current "thanks for working with us for two years" present count: one necklace, two bracelets, this neat thing to attach to my purse, and a book of drawings my kids made for me with little notes of thanks
(I think the necklace and one of the bracelets were given in protest by a school that could really care less if I'm there or not. Whatever, the kids love me and they gave me sooooo many drawings on Monday that the other teachers were insanely jealous)

Number of times I have almost cried at my schools while saying goodbye this week: About 120

Number of kids I will miss: Okay, I admit it, I am a big softy and I will probably miss every single one of my kids, even the ones from the monster class who never shut their mouths one single time over the past two years. Grand total of about 250 over the course of two years

Number of those 250 students whose names I actually know: I know every single name of every single kid this year, including kids in maternelle and CP who aren't actually my students. Last year I had one class where I only knew about half of the names (and I've forgotten most of those names now!), but otherwise I was good for all of my other classes.

My final trip to a school will be tomorrow. I don't actually have to work, but we're having an end of year lunch (this is one of the meals I actually want to go to), so I figure I'll stick around for the afternoon. Play some jeu de societe and hangman.

I'm going to miss my job.


Animesh said...

I call BS... unless you list the 250 names :)

au soleil levant said...

You're annoying.

But the most annoying part is that I would do it just to proove that I am right. :)

Animesh said...

"proove" ?! Is that the spelling you taught them?

Also, you still haven't proven yourself right ;-)

Katie said...

wow that sounds like a nice end of the year bilan.
I only got invited to 1 dinner but apparently the other two schools are doing nothing.
The school that I worked at 2 years straight got me nothing at all. Not even a thank you card...
But I did get a nice tunic shirt from my devil school.

So it sounds like you made out really well!

au soleil levant said...

Animesh - I blame any spelling errors on the extreme mental and emotional distress caused by the fact that when I was writing this at McDo the other day some annoying guy had taken MY seat by the good computer outlet and I had to sit in the louder, smellier, less well air-conditioned section to use an outlet.

List of names coming.

Katie - The French are weird, aren't they? I didn't get anything from one school where I worked for two years (except for lots of praise from the teacher I worked with), and I think one of the schools would have totally forgetten about me except that they made plans for the dinner on Monday, my last day there, and it suddenly occured to them to do something. And I didn't get a shirt! That's pretty nice.