Friday, July 10, 2009

Odds 'n Ends

- is it weird that I was pouty about giving my stuff up to the new assistant? The inspecteur came on Wednesday afternoon to pick up stuff and drive it over to the inspection offices. They are very close to where I live, but I didn't want to schlep all of the stuff over there. I am mostly upset about giving up my couette. I still have a few days here before I head to Paris and I would have liked to spend them with my couette. I love my couette, and I kept the hausse de couette so hopefully I'll be able to find a duvet at home that will fit it.

- D wants to see me before I leave. Not excited about seeing her, but she wants to go out, so it would be a means to get out of the house. But then I would be using her and I don't want to be that person. On the other hand, she is probably using me for the same reason. But, there is a strong possibility that if we go out tomorrow night I would see my French ex, who I haven't seen since a few days after he broke up with me, ie nine months ago. Not sure how I would feel about that. Maybe better to let sleeping dogs lie? I have no idea what I would say to him besides hello, ├ža va, and see ya.

- I would like to go shopping in Reims one last time, but it would have to be tomorrow, and I think I need to get more packing done. The more pressing issue is that my bags are already packed to the gills and I don't know how I would fit anything else that I might buy in there!

- My birthday is rapidly approaching. And another canciversary - relapse #1 July 22, 2005. And the anniversary of a very dear friend's dath - July 11, 2007. July sucks.

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