Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Mini Break!

We took a mini break this weekend to watch my brother play in the first football game of the season at his university. Yes, my baby brother is a big, bad football player. Well, he isn't so bad, he's a pretty good kid, especially considering the fact that he's on a D2 football team. He is, however, extremely big. His biceps are the size of my head and can bench press about five of me. I don't pick on him too often these days because he could do some damage if he decided to go after me.

Unfortunately the weather was terrible, it was only in the 50s and it rained the entire first half, but his team pulled out a 20 point win! My brother only played on special teams, he was disappointed that he didn't get any downs as his position (he's a linebacker), but he's Number One Backup if one of the starting linebackers gets hurt.

My brother is six years younger than me so he's always been "my" baby. I remember when he was born, I remember holding him as a little baby, how he used to want to dress up like a girl to be like my sister and I (don't tell the football team I said that!). It's so strange to see the little orange baby I used to hold turn into a gigantic, and mature man. He's never been a big talker and it's always been a struggle to get him to communicate about anything besides football. Since he went away to school last year though, he's changed so much, he talks, he lets me hug him when I see him, he volunteers information without us having to pull it out of him! It's a huge change, and it's because he's so happy and blossoming at college, and I'm just overjoyed to see it. He has such nice friends, his coaches are crazy about him, and it looks like he's pretty popular with the girls.

I'm not overjoyed about the girls, but I'm guessing it makes him happy, so I probably won't mail them threatening letters.

Here's the big entrance of the football team onto the field. Can you spot my brother? He's in there somewhere...

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