Thursday, June 24, 2010

Next stop: Mackinac Island!

I had a wonderful time seeing my friend Theresa in San Francisco this past weekend. I didn't do anything touristy at all - it wasn't the point of going, and also, the weather looked like this most of the weekend:

I worked like a maniac to finish an afghan for her before I got there, and it turned out rather nicely if I do say so myself:

Unfortunately the colors don't show up very vivdly in the photo but it's a really beautiful, rich purple, a purple-white blend, and of course white.

I was so happy to spend some time with T. It was absolutely wonderful to see her, we had a great time together, and I was just thrilled that she was feeling well enough to have me come visit. She is an amazing friend and I'm so lucky to have met her.

This weekend I'm off on another trip to Mackinac Island (pronounced Mackinaw). It's located in the Straits of Mackinac, between the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan, and where Lakes Michigan and Huron join. Mackinac Island is a state park where motorized vehicles aren't allowed, except for some emergency vehicles and I think snow plows or snow mobiles. It's Michigan, it snows a lot. Mackinac is very famous for its fudge. I will certainly be sampling some this weekend and reporting back! And OF COURSE I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for ice cream too.

If you've seen the movie Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour, it was filmed on Mackinac at The Grand Hotel.

I'm especially excited for this visit to Mackinac because we'll be staying at The Grand! I think it will be very elegant. You have to dress for dinner and they have afternoon tea!

The hidden benefits of getting cancer: my parents keep giving me "we're sorry you got cancer" presents. Ha ha.

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures! Fingers crossed for good weather!


getyourselfconnected said...

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!

You are so lucky ducky to go there!

One of my favorite films and one of my favorite books (the book is at the coronado in CA).

I can only hope you check out "Time and Again", who knows what magic that can bring!

Have a great weekend, I took tomorrow off to go fishing so I am a slacker!

Andromeda said...

Wow! Looks like an amazing place! It's funny cause I just noticed that movie at the library, but didn't get it. I'll have to next time.

Have a great time!

Jennie said...

Ooh you get to stay at The Grand! I'm jealous!!!

Zhu said...

I'm glad you are now feeling well enough to travel, it's cool! Time to forget about your time stuck at home and to enjoy the summer :-)

Monique said...

That looks AWESOME!!! And on behalf of SF, I apologize. Summers there suck. You need to go inland a few mins to see some SUN :)

When I flew into SF yesterday I was freeeezing in a skirt/teeshirt. But when we made it out to my parents house, it was pretty dang hot.

Enjoy your travels and take TONS of fudgy pictures. That sounds so good haha.

Rebecca said...

Have fun on the island. Do all the touristy things- have lunch at the Grand- they'll comp you the $10 for getting on the porch. Or tea at the Fort. Just found your blog today. Interesting. If you head down the coast to Traverse City - stop and say Hi at the Cycling Salamander Art Gallery. 7 miles south of Charlevoix. I think I'll begin to follow your journey through life via the blogisphere. God Speed. Rebecca

Leesa said...

Hey Mira...

I'm glad you had a nice time with Teresa... I know it meant a lot to her to have you there...

You're quilt is INCREDIBLE!! WOW!!!!!

And... Somewhere in Time is one of my ALL TIME FAV. films-- I bawl like a baby EVERY time I watch it... Enjoy your stay at the Grand.. Post lots of pics, too!!
Hugs to you!!

getyourselfconnected said...

Donde esta the pictures????

au soleil levant said...

GYSC - I just got back this afternoon! Give me a break about the pictures for a day or two! I tried to get Time and Again on my Kindle right before we left but it wasn't available. Guess I'll have to do it the old fashioned way and get the actual book!

Andromeda - it's a very good movie, you should definitely check it out. An older movie called This Time for Keeps was also filmed there.

Jennie - I know! Exciting, right? It was fantastic.

Zhu - yes, time to get out and do things and enjoy the weather!

Monique - my friend lives in Palo Alto and always complains about how weird the weather is in the Bay area, and I never really believed her until I went and saw for myself!

Rebecca - thanks for stopping by and the good wishes. I'll be in Traverse City next month actually, will have to stop by and say hello

Leesa - I should have guessed you would love that movie! It's a good one, isn't it?

getyourselfconnected said...

You know I was kidding!