Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Michigan's East Coast

I spent a wonderful weekend near Tawas City with two lovely ladies from my Gilda's Club young adult group. There are a lot of inland lakes in this area and one of the girls recently bought a house on Round Lake.

The Sand Lake firefighters were having some kind of special weekend, featuring Fireman Burgers, games for kids, and a fireman water balloon fight! Unfortunately we missed out on that one.

There was also this funny Budweiser car at the festival thing.

In the evening we went into Tawas to wade in Lake Huron and look around at the town. It didn't take too long, there's only one main street!

I hadn't been to Lake Huron before, so I crossed another Great Lake off my list of lakes to visit. I've now at least seen all of the Great Lakes!

Although Tawas is small, it does have possibly the best store ever:

I didn't actually get fudge or ice cream here, but I had to take a picture of the sign!

My friend and her husband have a pontoon boat that we took out to the sand bar that divides Round Lake from Indian Lake, set up some chairs, and took turns enjoying the sun and kayaking across the lake.

Looking over the sandbar into Indian Lake. Indian Lake was several degrees cooler than Round Lake.

This is how we set up the chairs - yes, we were sitting in the water.

Kayaking. I'm in the orange kayak!

It was a great weekend! So relaxing, and I was really happy to kayak again, I haven't kayaked in years! The only kind of weird part was that there was hardly any cell phone reception in the area. I had no idea places like that still existed!


Monique said...

fudge AND ice cream?!?! I'd be in heaven :)

Mary Harvest Kitchen said...

Can't believe you'd never been to Lake Huron before!

Also, I spend so much time in "no cell reception" areas--had to laugh. My house is one (for T-mobile anyhow)!

Right now I'm planning a fantasy vacation to kayak Pictured Rocks next summer--are you in???

getyourselfconnected said...

Too bad you missed the fireman wet T-shirt contest, I mean water balloon fight!

Great lake, check. Kayak, check. perfect weather, check. Fishing rod,....

Another set of stellar pictures. Thanks for the post!

in western massachusetts when I go out on the Quabbin reservoir the cell phone does not work either, it can be scary!

Zhu said...

I love the chairs sitting in the water! The Great Lakes are very scenic. I'm more of a sea person but I think I'd enjoy visiting.

au soleil levant said...

Monique - I know! Best store ever!

Mary - Maybe it depends on you cell provider? With Verizon I get service everywhere, even on the subway (when I'm in a city that has a subway!). Totally in for kayaking at Pictured Rocks! Haven't been to the UP in years.

GYSC - Haha, that's exactly why I was sorry I missed the water fight! Okay, I get the point, I should learn to fish. I would like to fish, just don't know how I'd feel about sticking live bait on the end of a hook. I guess you get used to it?

Zhu - have you never been to any of the Great Lakes? You must have at least seen Lake Ontario on trips to Toronto? I'm clearly biased, but I think they are gorgeous, you should definitely get to one of them this year.

getyourselfconnected said...

Dunno about live bait, I use all artificials!

I knew what you meant on the other thing, ha!

au soleil levant said...

There's such a thing as artificial bait?

See how little I know about fishing? :)

Leesa said...

LOVIN' the chairs in the water!!

I had some YUMMY fudge at the Paltride market the other day.. I took some pics of the fudge table so when I get them loaded... I'll post 'em! Hugs, Leese

au soleil levant said...

I had no idea that they did fudge in England! Can't wait to see the pics!