Saturday, November 7, 2009

Skinny Jeans

As I said earlier, I lost quite a bit of weight back in the days when I wasn't allowed to/didn't want to eat. More than 10 lbs. I wasn't overweight before but you know, everyone has a little extra something they want to loose, right? I'm actually skinnier than I can ever remember being, and I am kind of delighted. Best diet ever!

Of course, the down side is that even though I'm out of the hospital, I'm not really going anywhere, so it's all a waste. I'm not showing it off to anyone. I'm shlubbing around my house in PJ bottoms all day. I'm mostly bald - errr, have very thin hair cleverly arranged in a ponytail to cover my scalp. I'm not really in the position to run around town all dressed up showing off how skinny I am. Even if I was, the only pair of jeans I have that fit me right now (that I bought at the end of my first year in France when I was almost as skinny as I am now, so they are a little big on me anyway) have a fly that won't stay up and has never stayed up. I have three no goes here - no real reason to leave the house, no hair, and the high probability of humiliation from being seen in public with an open fly.

What on earth is it with French jeans anyway? I have a few pairs of jeans that I bought from French clothing stores and NONE of the flies stays shut. One that stayed shut for a while, until that fly stopped working too. Isn't France supposed to be known for fashion? Why can't they make a decent pair of jeans? Anyone else have this problem?

See, even though I'm in America now, I can still blame France for all of my problems!

Just kidding. I know that the obvious solution to, well, two of my three problems, is to go out and buy a new pair of jeans, but it's considerably less funny to be rational than to just blame France.


Animesh said...

pictures, or it didn't happen!


Leesa said...

I'm with Animesh!!! ; )
Hehe... You're 2 funny, Mir! Well, when you get your appetite back, I am SURE you will find your way to some type of ice cream store and help yourself-- Zanoni & Zanoni! Sorry you had to lose it this way... I'll give you 10 extra of mine, if you'd like, boobs included!! : )

Hugs from Italia.... Leese

au soleil levant said...

Animesh - pictures of what, my mostly bald head or my open fly?

Leesa - Did I tell you about how I gorged myself on ice cream from a local place when I had a day pass a couple weeks ago? That might be a blog entry in and of itself.

Animesh said...

Those two, and the skinny-ness in general :)

Leesa said...


I can't WAIT to hear about your "ice cream adventures!!" Nothing will beat out Z&Z though or the spaghetti ice cream at Anna's in BP! I have only had gelato twice here in a week! It's NOT as good as Amorino's in Paris so I am REALLY looking forward to making my own!!!
Take care... Leese

Zhu said...

I agree, French jeans suck. I could never find a right fit anyway. It seemed that all jeans were extremely skinny and extremely long. Like, I can't be thin AND tall, sorry :-)

You can be proud of your body. Thin, sure, but what matter the most if that you are a fighter!

au soleil levant said...

Animesh - you know I don't post pictures of myself on my blog :P

Leesa - the spaghetti ice cream! I almost forgot! I'm sure you have a picture of it somewhere. You think the gelato isn't as good as Amorino???? I would definitely rate Italian gelato above Amorino. Can't wait to hear about how your new ice cream maker works!

Zhu - so glad someone else thinks there is a problem with French jeans. I also notice that they are made for tall people, and that makes me really scratch my head because French women are so short!

Zhu said...

I know!

And I'm 5'7 (1.75 m) so I'm pretty tall for a French. I remember arguing with a salesperson at the Galeries Lafayette:

- Mais c'est parfait madame !
- Non, c'est trop long.
- Ah mais il faut faire l'ourlet madame !
- Oui, mais le jean coûte déjà presque 80 Euro et je ne veux pas payer ce prix pour un pantalon que je dois encore retoucher !

Here, in Canada, my main problem with jeans are the low-rise thing and the size of the leg vs. the waist.

I hate low low rise because I'm cold.

And I find that when North American women gain weight, it's often around the waist. On the other hand, I have a flat stomach. When I gain weight, it goes on my butt. So most jeans I wear are way to big at the waist and fit just fine anywhere else. Annoying. For example, I try jeans, to tight. Try another bigger pair, the waist is a few inches bigger but not the rest of the pants.

Pants and I... a love story! :-D

au soleil levant said...

I have the opposite jean fit problem. The thighs are always too big compared to the waist! I guess I gain weight "a l'americaine," I get a muffin top, and nothing goes on my thighs or my butt. I have a terrible time finding jeans that actually fit! Sounds like I need to go shopping where ever you're shopping,

Zhu said...

We need to go shop together!