Monday, November 23, 2009

Things I've done since my last post

- Ate ice cream at Sanders! Sanders is a classic Detroit/Southeast Michigan ice cream parlor. They are famous for their AMAZING hot fudge and for inventing bumpy cake. Of course I was too busy scarfing down my absolutely enormous double sundae with milk chocolate hot fudge and bumpy cake ice cream to bother taking any pictures, but this gives a pretty good idea of the deliciousness that was consumed. They make the best hot fudge you will ever eat - super thick and rich, and kind of chocolatey-caramely in taste. Yum!

- Tried more cupcakes! Cupcakes were available in large and mini sizes, which I like because that means you can try a bunch of flavors without overstuffing yourself. My favorite was the chocolate petals flavor, a rich dark chocolate cupcake frosted with perfect buttercream (just sweet enough, not super sugary, good texture). This time I actually did take pictures of all the cupcakes we tried.

From top: pumpkin cupcake with cinnamon frosting, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, chocolate petal with buttercream frosting, vanilla with coconut frosting

Close up of the chocolate petal and coconut. I'm a terrible photographer, but this one turned out okay.

Bumpy cake!

From top right: chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting, coconut, cookies and cream with oreo frosting, and candy apple or apple pie (something apple-y and seasonal)

- Attended a funeral. Ayanna was a beautiful, very well behaved, dancing, Disney loving two year old girl. For part of the time I was in the hospital Ayanna, her mother and I shared a room. Her mom and I hit it off and spent several nights staying up very late talking and joking and trying not to wake the baby. Ayanna passed away very suddenly a week ago. The funeral was on Friday.

- Heard some people talking after the funeral about what a bad idea health insurance reform is and how the Democrats want to turn America into a socialist country. Of course these nutcases didn't stop to think that a public insurance option might have really helped this little girl and her family out. Some people in rural Michigan are pretty nuts.

- Had my first cavity ever filled. I was kind of nervous. I just don't have room in my life to deal with extraneous health issues. Cancer, fine, I'm used to it, I deal with it somehow. Cavities freak me out a little bit. Happily everything went smoothly, I didn't feel anything, and it took 30 minutes including numbing time. Recovery time was basically zilch; I felt like I had a fat lip for a couple hours and then it was fine and I only have a little bit of soreness. I'm actually pretty amazed at how quick and painless it was.

- Was introduced to Firefly. I had never heard of it before, but supposedly it's a cult classic. It was fun, I liked it.

- Tried to not think about transplant as much as possible but that's hard to do that when they keep making me come in for appointments and cut down on the amount of time I can spend going to dirty public places and eating food. I will be there alllllllllll day tomorrow. Ugghhh.


Leesa said...

Hey Mir...

YUM to all the pics and I'm really glad you got your fill of both cupcakes AND ice cream!! Oh la la!! I WANT BUMPY cake... Looks delish!!!

For your cavity.. Well, it was a first time so you didn't know what to expect really... I think they're pretty easy to tend to in all.. that "fat lip" feeling is a bitch when it lasts a long time, but I think an hour is okay... Glad it was all good....

For the little girl.. Very sad... So young! I have lost many of my students over the years due to various complications of their disability/health issues.. I have only attended one of their funerals, though.. It breaks your heart, though.. I can relate to what the parents and family/friends must be feeling.. Now coming up on 4 years of my mom's passing.. I still miss her so much...
Anyhow... I am glad you were there for the mom.. It meant a lot to her, I'm sure!
Take care and keep on eating ice cream!
Miss ya!

shannon said...

Okay, I want to eat what you're having! Yummy!!

That poor little girl. That just is so sad. Her poor mother.

Firefly! I adore Firefly! Pretty much anything Joss Whedon creates is pure genius. And Nathan Fillion (Mal) is just so awesome.

Hope your day of appointments isn't too horrible.

Zhu said...

First cavity EVER??? Wow...! So what I heard about American and good teeth is actually true! ;-)

I have more than one cavity... despite not eating ice cream.

Now, I wouldn't mind having a few more if only I could have a bit of these cup cakes. Looks yummy! What's with cup cakes and Americans? It doesn't exist in France, does it?

Sorry to hear about the little girl. It's just too sad. I hope you don't have any dark thoughts. Please don't. It will be okay. You will be okay.

au soleil levant said...

Leesa - I'm glad I inspired you to try bumpy cake! The cavity was definitely nothing to worry about, I worked myself up for nothing. I think the mom was really glad that I went to the funeral, and that is why I went, to be there for her. Never easy to loose someone.

Shannon - apt day went okay, just very long. Can't complain too much, I guess. Thanks for the comments.

Zhu - I was really hoping to make it without any cavities! I think a lot of the stereotypes about Americans and our teeth are more about how crazy we are about having perfectly straight, white teeth. I had braces for three years! Cupcake shops are actually starting to pop up in Paris. Leesa has tried a few of them and I think her general impression was that they weren't that great.

Don't worry, I'm keeping my chin up and thinking good thoughts.

Zhu said...

But what's the deal, really, with cupcakes? Like, why are they popular in the USA? What's the story? Do you eat them for a special occasion or...?

Even in Canada, they are not very famous. Not that I can see anyway.

But every time I open a US "living" or "food" magazine, I keep on seeing recipes etc. of cupcakes.