Saturday, May 8, 2010

Some pictures

I finally uploaded some old pictures from my camera, and was surprised to find some remnants of winter!

This is from my front porch, looking to the tiny park across the street. You can just barely make out the bench:

This is looking across the street the other way:

Yes, we get a lot of snow in Michigan. This was nothing.

Right after these flashback pictures were the pictures I took a couple of weeks ago when the leaves first started to come out and the flowering trees were in bloom.

This is the park across the street - what a difference a couple of months make!

I love flowering trees

In France I would complain sometimes about the fact that there aren't enough trees. You can see why from these pictures. I'm lucky enough to live in a neighborhood and city where there are lots of big, mature trees all over.

Now it's even more green and beautiful because we've had so much rain in the past couple of weeks. And yes, it's raining again today. We need it for the crops, but I really wish we could have more than just a few days without rain!


Zhu said...

We have the same kind of dramatic landscape and scenery changes in Canada, and it still amazes me.

It's been rainy here too... and apparently, it will snow a bit tomorrow. Crazy. It looks cold in Chicago too from what I see on TV (baseball game, people look like they are freezing!).

I don't get it... it was spring weather two weeks ago!

getyourselfconnected said...

Nice looking area. Spring has sprung but there may still be a few surprises by mother nature before the real good weather finally settles in.

au soleil levant said...

Zhu - I really hope you guys didn't get any snow! The entire state of Michigan except for a couple of counties was under a frost advisory last night and today it barely got above 50/10 degrees! At least it was sunny today.

GYSC - yes, in New England you guys know too that spring is a fickle, fickle season!