Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saturdays at the Big House

Guess where I was today?!?!

If you guessed the largest stadium in the US, you would be correct! Michigan Stadium, home to the University of Michigan football team and affectionately known as The Big House because it is BIG, was recently renovated and rededicated this afternoon for the opening game of the season. Official capacity is 109,901 and today we set an all-time attendance record of 113,090! That's a lot of people! (and a lot of germs!)

We've had season tickets to Michigan games for several years now. Unfortunately now that my brother plays college ball on Saturdays this is the only game we could go to, but it was worth it to come for this game! Michigan won 30-10 over Connecticut and looked pretty solid overall. The quarterback is amazing - he runs, he throws, he IS the offense. You can see the renovated press box and new luxury boxes above the traditional bowl shape.

There's nothing like sitting with almost 115,000 screaming fans in the wind, rain, sun, snow.... you name the weather, I've watched a football game in it. It's such a vital, life-affirming experience. You KNOW you're alive when the kid behind you is jabbing his knee into your back and you can smell the Jack Daniels the guy next to you smuggled in while the band is blaring "Hail to the Victors" and the student section is screaming like banshees!

These are all pictures of the marching band from the pregame show, and taken on my crappy cell phone camera. I was too busy during the game to take pictures of the guys playing! The band marches down the field in a big block M, then they separate and the team runs out between them under a banner that says "Go Blue! M Club Supports You!" Check out our seats! We're on the 30 yard line now!

I also got to meet Rick Snyder, the Republican candidate for governor of Michigan. I bent his hear a little about health care. He had some good things to say, and I was excited to meet The Nerd!

For the rest of the fall I'll probably be going to some of my brother's games, which are significantly less exciting, but we're hoping that he'll have a good season for himself. At least at those games when the weather gets bad we can go sit in the President's Box where they have free food and drinks. Small time football programs definitely give you a few more perks!


getyourselfconnected said...

Go Wolverines!

Tom Brady was a wolverine!

shannon said...

Exciting! I've never been to an actual football game (i.e. professional or college).

I can't cheer on the Wolverwines though... not that I care, it's just that could get me killed in some parts of Ohio. Ohioans, especially Clevelanders are psychotic when it comes to sports. Did you see what they did to some guy who wore a Lebron James Miami jersey to an Indians game? It made national news (vid is on CNN). It was not pretty.

Monique said...

I went to my first college football game ever last night! :)

Arizona State vs. Portland State. It's weird that I went to college and also worked in a college athletics dept. at two schools WITHOUT football.


Animesh said...


Go Trojans though :).

au soleil levant said...

GYSC - He was, but everyone hated him when he was our starting QB! We all wanted Drew Henson. Guess Brady got the last laugh...

Shannon - come on, you don't live in Ohio anymore, you have no excuse to not be a Michigan fan! It is a vicious rivalry, but I think you're safe in France :)

Monique - wow, Arizona St vs Portland St, bet that was a real barn burner! I thought all the California state schools had teams? Guess not.

Animesh - No. Just no.

Zhu said...

I have always wanted to see a football game! Lucky you. So many people though... and yes, so many germs ;-)

au soleil levant said...

Zhu - maybe you can find a local high school with a team and see one for really cheap? Not the same atmosphere as a big college or pro game, but can't beat the price!