Friday, March 5, 2010

More commercials

Michigan will be electing a new governor this fall and Rick Snyder has already started advertising to get people familiar with his name because he's not a politician or someone that people have heard of. He's a successful business man and he's trying to appeal to people as a guy who knows business and can help turn around our economy, which, quite frankly, sucks. He doesn't have a ton of information on his website yet but a lot of his principles sound good.

One big tick against him: he's running as a Republican. We know what that usually means: cut taxes, cut government services, run up the deficit.

One big tick for him? He's running a campaign based on being a nerd. I love it! I love the idea of someone selling the fact that they are intelligent and did well in school, rather than just appealing to fears and prejudices and so-called "values" issues.

I'm definitely interested, but we'll see if he ends up being someone I can vote for. So far he doesn't seem so bad. He even wants to increase Medicaid reimbursements. The Democrats, of course, are in near complete disarray. *sigh*

Don't you love these commercials?


Zhu said...

I'll give him that: at least, he is original.

I'm very much a left-wing person (or Democrat, or Liberal/NDP translated into North American politics) and I'm always wondering what's up with these parties. They always seem to be in complete disarray. Look at France, the Socialist Party (which is the biggest Party along with Sarkozy's UMP) is like dead because they can't agree on anything.

What's wrong with them???

Loislane said...

Mira loves Republican Nerds :)

Andromeda said...

Was Clark Kent really a nerd though? I though he was just kind of goofy and socially awkward, lol. Unless you go with Smallville's version, where he is a sexy football-playing hunk of dreaminess (W9 is showing 5 episodes a day right now).

He's definitely different, but hopefully not so different it scares people off!

au soleil levant said...

Zhu - I'm also a die-hard left-winger, and it disgusts me that the Democrats (because I know the most about them) are so completely incompetent. A lot of it is a simple PR/marketing problem: they are never able to control the debate in the public sphere and explain why their ideas are better and need to get done. I don't know if that's the same problem with other left-wing parties. I'm getting so sick of it. I'm disgusted with politics these days.

Yael - Republican nerd, singular, no s. Rick Snyder is the only thinking Republican around!

Andromeda - I know nothing about Superman, really couldn't say if Clark Kent is a nerd! I think in the upcoming gubernatorial race that the candidate who can make Michiganders feel like he or she will really turn the state's economy around will win, regardless of how scarily nerdy they might be!

Zhu said...

Yep, sounds like the problems the Liberals and the Parti Socialiste are facing in France.

Drives me nuts too!

yaeld said...

Have you found anything wrong with Rick Snyder yet???