Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things that irritate me

In the spirit of tapering off steroids, which makes me a major grump, and in the hopes that airing these frustrations with the rest of the world will help me stop obsessing over them, here is a list of things that irritate me. No serious things, like poverty and hunger, just the funny ones.

Yet another genius way for people to tell me things I don't care to know. I'm at the end of my rope with twitter right now. The majority of the people I follow on twitter are people from France, and reading about their escapades and watching them banter back and forth all day long just reminds that it's a world I no longer belong to, and that I do not have anything interesting to tweet about. Last week and this week I'll be spending four days at the hospital getting transfusions and testing and what not. Fun topics to tweet about, right? It makes me insanely jealous. I will be taking a twitter break for at least this next week to try to keep myself sane. We'll see if it lasts that long. As much as twitter is poisonous, it is amazingly addicting.

People who complain about things that are their own fault

This is another reason why twitter irritates me. It's yet another forum for people to complain about everything, no matter how trivial. Facebook, are you listening??? I hate it when people complain about things they could easily fix if they just sat down and thought about it for a couple of minutes. First on the list is, of course, money. I know that the economy is terrible, that most people my age are working crap jobs and not making a lot of money, but if I have to listen to another person who is constantly going out to restaurants, bars, movies, etc complain about their finances I am going to scream. You want more money in your pocket? Cut out your daily coffee, that'll save you a bunch every week. Go out to a restaurant only once a month, go to happy hour for drink specials instead of spending an arm and a leg at the bar, or pre-game it at your house college style.

Related to this is when people complain that they can't travel because they don't have enough money. Well, in order to travel you need to save up for it folks! I traveled a bunch while I was in France but I saved the money to do that by buying cheaply at the grocery store, usually not going out for coffee or drinks or anything more than twice a week and even then limiting how much I consumed, watching how much I spent shopping, and taking advantage of travel sales and my Carte 12-25.

Related to this is when people complain that they don't have anyone to travel with. It's true that for some destinations traveling can be prohibitively expensive if you're only traveling with one person, and it's great to have a travel buddy, but don't restrict yourself just because you don't like being alone! You will certainly meet people if you stay in a hostel, and you'll regret not traveling a lot more than you will regret traveling alone. Sure, it's a little awkward to eat dinner by yourself, but who cares? You will literally never see those people again. If it bothers you that much get a take out kebab and eat it on a bench outside or in your hostel. I'm so glad I took a chance and went traveling by myself: Strasbourg, Bruges, Brussels, Chartres, Rouen, and kind of London and Nice (had friends who lived in both places who I hung out with for some of the time I was there). And of course most of the times I went to Paris I went in by myself for the day, did whatever I wanted and then went home in the evening. You will miss out on so much if you can't just get up and go on your own.


When I don't get my food right away at a restaurant
When I go out to a restaurant to eat, I'm hungry. I'm ready to eat right after I've ordered, not 45 minutes later! I understand that it means they're making my food nice and fresh, or that they're backed up in the kitchen, there are many reasons for the wait. I just want my food! I don't want to fill up on bread, I just want the food. I don't like it when it doesn't come out right away, which is of course, never. Now, when we went to Macaroni Grill on Sunday night to load up on pasta before Pesach they were very fast, so they get big points for that. And weirdly, the restaurant was more full when we got there at 6:20 than it was when we left over an hour later. It was very bizarre to me, very different from France.

In other news my scans and tests came back clean, so I am still NED: no evidence of disease, also known as remission.


Leesa said...

HEy!! GREAT GREAT NEWS on being NED... I'm really happy!!
I'll write more, just wanted to say that before I go to bed.. it's after 1 am here!


getyourselfconnected said...

So glad for your great news on the health front. Could be a very nice spring indeed!

"People who complain about things that are their fault"
-ditto that one for me!

Jennie said...

Glad to hear you're still NED!

I also hate when people complain about things they can definitely control. I don't read Facebook much anymore because of it. I especially get pissed at idiots from high school who have never left the US and who complain about how hard their life is when they make 50k a year!! Then blame everything on "immigrants who are too lazy to get jobs." Of course this came from a white middle class guy who has never worked hard a day in his life.

shannon said...

Yay! Congrats on the health news!

I'm so guilty of the whining and complaining. LOL. I think twitter can be a good outlet when you do need to complain about something. Plus, it's really easy to just skim over someone's tweets if you don't really care. Yet I'm one of those people who will post something on Twitter then like half an hour later realize I'm such an idiot.

It's rough, because apparently I lost my ability to be frugal after I left college, but I'm attempting. Like I bought Nescafe to make in my room instead of buying a grand cafe. Now, I buy a cheaper drink at the cafe.

I have to agree with you about people who complain they have no money then go out all the time. One of my friends has been unemployed for over a year, yet she's constantly going to movies and such and then complains about being broke. Umm... no kidding!

Mary Harvest Kitchen said...

Hooray for NED! Speaking for myself only, I think I can live with people whinging on about stuff as long as you're NED. :-)

That said, please join me in celebrating international "Mary Puts Her Foot in it" week. I've been trying to figure out where I could complain about this phenomenon--my twitter is too professional (only marginally so) and some of the people I've unintentionally made a fool of myself towards are on fb so I don't want everyone thinking I'm talking about them. But here! Your post makes it clear that this is the place! Phone me up sometime and I'll tell you how many people I've said/done the wrong thing to this week. How's that for a good offer??

Hahahah. Anyhow. Hope Passover is going well. Love you my dear. and when I run the world you'll be the first one served at the restaurants. I know what you mean about the bread--even when I'm super-ravenous I don't have a huge appetite, so it's easy for me to fill up on bread and starters and have no room for the delicious food that comes 30 min later!

au soleil levant said...
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au soleil levant said...

Leesa - thanks!

GYC - frustrating, isn't it, when people can't see the simple way to fix their problems? Thanks for the congrats.

Jennie - I think part of the problem in the US is that as a country we are so focused on celebrities and having things that it makes people discontent with their lives because they don't have 50 BMWs in their garage or wear all designer clothes. Pretty disgusting. Thanks for the congrats!

Shannon - I'm going to pick on you a little bit because you fessed up :) Even though you now have Nescafe, how often do you go to La Rotunde? Frequency is often part of the problem too. I can make myself feel better about going out for lunch every day by ordering the cheapest thing on the menu, but I'm still spending a lot more per week than I would if I had just eaten at home. Movies are a HUGE problem. They are so expensive, and then you get there and you want the popcorn, and something to drink, and before you know it the evening costs $40 for two people! Ridiculous!

Mary - YES to all of those! I'll give you a call sometime this week to hear all about the week of foot in mouth. I can share some of my own stories too. Believe me, I have a ton!

shannon said...

Haha. Everyday but Sunday (they're closed). It's not about the drink though. I go there for the socializing. Like today, I talked to my friend Mohand, one of my BTS students, an old friend from last year, and the workers. Each day usually contains something like that. I also budgeted it into the budget I drew up. Yes, I know that I'd save about 10€ a week, but I also know I'd go crazy sitting in my room every afternoon. For me, it's worth it.

Loislane said...

Amazingly ironic post; you are NED as an afterthought, and your irritation with people who waste money on coffee is front and center :)

Beautiful in its own way - very glad to hear you are healthy.

As an aside, I love having $$ in my pocket. I love earning money too - I enjoy it so much that I even love making it for my company when I'm not a direct beneficiary.

But, my favorite thing about having money is not worrying about money - I think I'd rather have more small things and less big ones. I love being able to get coffee (and pastries)without worrying. We've got to be able to ascribe value to not worrying about money just as we do to a vacation - individuals can choose what they want more, they just can't have everything :)

Also, I am addicted to Twitter - possibly the whole Internet.

Remember that you can learn tons about digital media from my Twitter posts - I'm not whining or doing anything fun - I'm just a digital media feed :) I know that's really front and center in your mind.

Zhu said...

Feels good to bitch a bit, doesn't it? With my co-workers, we have regular bitch-fests ;-)

And I'm with you on these ones!

Twitter... I don't GET Twitter. As much as I enjoy reading blog, I don't understand how to enjoy Tweets. I know mines (I Tweet once every blue moon) are pathetic. Cause I like to write full sentences, ya know. 140 characters just won't do it.

Complaining about work... okay, I'm guilty of that. My job isn't crappy but it's very difficult and I work in a weird environment. But I hate when people complain about money: those who spend the most always complain they don't have any. Well, duh.

And finally, restaurants... I hate having a bad experience in a restaurant, may it be the food, the service or the prices. There is nothing you can do. You are just stuck there (I can't usually muster the courage to complain on top of that!).

Great news on the health front... you actually sound good and energetic - love it!

getyourselfconnected said...

what I like about this blog is you respond to all that comment; I do too but too many do not!

Lot's of talk here about money; you can't take it with you! Spend it if you can enjoy it!

Mt mom has been a nurse for 20 years and I am molecular biologist at a top 5 pharma company. I am trying all the time to find something that can stop all this. I wish it was easy!

Andromeda said...

So happy to hear about the NED! Spring is starting out well for you :-)

I am a bit guilty of number 2. I sent a letter to my friend saying how I wish I had enough money to send her a real present, only to talk later in the letter about something I bought at H&M. D'oh! Though I would probably get more visits from people if there were less H&Ming on their side as well . . . Oops, there I go complaining again, lol. Thanks for the reminder to keep it in check!!

au soleil levant said...

Shannon - the important thing of course is that you're happy and that you acknowledge and accept the loss of 40 euros a month. Your life, not mine :)

Lois/Ibex - Any irony was rather unintended, but glad it came off that way and I can pretend to be extremely cool :) How you spend your money is definitely a choice. I like to spend money on travel, others prefer to spend it on televisions. Whatever. What I am objecting to is when people don't seem to realize that how they spend their money is a choice and then whine about their bad choices. I'm glad that you feel comfortable with your finances. The internet is wonderful. I do click on your links sometimes! They can be interesting!

Zhu - the problem with twitter is that most people assume there is an entire world out there who wants to hear every detail about their day. Example using me: "Woke up at freaking early o'clock." "At the doctor, again!" "Got the good nurse at blood draw!" "Whyyyyy am I still waiiiitttinnggggggg?" "Blood draw results were crap. Getting platelets." "Benadryl makes me sleeeeppppyyyy." "Can't believe it's raining again! Agghh!" "Finally home. Hate spending all day at the hospital." "Mmmm, yummy dinner!" "Time for American Idol!" "Paige can't sing in tune to save her life!" "Aaron is sooooo bad!"

Seriously, who wants to read that crap? It's like all these people are missing a filter on what they throw out into the world. Anyway, I don't have a problem in general with people complaining, and certainly not about work because it doesn't always happen that we end up with our dream jobs, but things that you have the power to change? Yeah, that bothers me.

GYC - Top 5 pharma huh? As long as you're working in R&D and not one of those louses who takes billions in bonuses... Yes, money is to be enjoyed, but I wish people were more aware of budgeting and realized that they have to save to get things they want. Look at the mortgage crisis, for example. Appreciate the work you're doing to find cures for illnesses.

Andromeda - too much exposure to the French will turn you into a raleuse! :) Maybe next time don't comment on the size of the gift to your friend, let her think you spent tons of money on it.

getyourselfconnected said...

"GYC - Top 5 pharma huh? As long as you're working in R&D and not one of those louses who takes billions in bonuses... "

One can dream on the billions, HA! I do ok and I make some more on the side in the markets. I am a bench scientist and work on gene constructs for various disease programs.

Thanks for visiting my site and dropping a comment. I found it to be very interesting on what the topic was. Have a great weekend and on Friday night I do a fun themed post so you may want to check it out.

getyourselfconnected said...

Post is up.

au soleil levant said...

GYC - okay, bench scientist works. Sounds like you have an extremely interesting job.

It's a little intimidating to leave comments on your site, everyone there is really up on all of their economic knowledge and current events. I don't want to comment on the econ stuff because I'll probably say something wrong, and I feel like a moron just talking about the music. So I'll say here, I enjoyed the music you posted :)

getyourselfconnected said...

Please feel free. The crowd at the site are very helpful and they are very knowledgable. Sound off if you like! Half of the time I think I have no idea what I am writing about.

I am glad you liked the music post, thanks for stopping in.