Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Four Topics

Number One
I don't want a boyfriend.  Not that anyone has asked or that I'm going out and meeting people these days, but I was thinking about it the other day because of the book I'm reading and I realized that the idea of a boyfriend is very unexciting.  There are several possible reasons for this.  One, I'm a psychopathic loner.  Two, I have too much else going on and no time to care about someone else that much.  Three, I don't have any hormones and so no desire for any romance.  Two and three are definitely true, and hopefully one isn't :)

Number Two
I'm having trouble typing and doing fine motor skills because of weakness and numbness in my right hand and arm.  And I get these terrible hand and arm cramps.

Number Three
I decided to defer my entry into a masters in education with elementary teaching certification program until next year.  I'm too weak to run around after kids, and since I'm having mobility problems it would be difficult to get around.  The woman who is in charge of the program has been great and very helpful to me, and even said I could take a class in the fall if I'm up to it.  I'm actually relieved that I won't have to start a full schedule of classes at the end of June.  It also gives me more time to complete the two online prerequisite classes that I haven't finished yet.  Normally I'd have six months to complete them, so in July I have to finish, but if I were doing the masters they'd have to be done before that started, so by June 20th I'd have to be finished.  Whew!  I need a break!

Number Four
It's still raining!  The amount of rain we've had this spring is unbelievable.  I thought that living in the north of France had made me used to the rain, but it never rained this heavily for this long.  In Michigan we luckily haven't had all the problems with tornadoes and flooding that other parts of the country have had, but it's been a really crazy spring.  The temperature was pretty cool until a couple of weeks ago, since then it's gone back and forth between the 60s and 80s every few days, and the rain has been almost constant.  I wouldn't be surprised if it snowed again this month, to be honest!  It's been nuts this year.  I'm kind of enjoying it though, as strange as that is!  I'm rarely outside and I'm not driving so I don't have to deal with the bad parts of the crazy weather and can look out the window and exclaim about how rainy it is or how cold it is.  Life is luxurious when you have limited mobility :)  


shannon said...

That's good about your Masters program!

The weather chez toi sounds like the weather from Ohio. It was raining before I went home, it rained for the two weeks I was at home in April, and it's basically been raining since. Unlike Michigan, we did get some of the scary weather and flooding. Lots of funnel cloud activity near where I live. While we didn't get the worst damage, there was still quite a bit in my town... mangled trees and powerlines, flooding, and the like. And then, a huge 60 foot tree was ripped out by the roots (including pulling up some of the sidewalk) and fell on the library at my college. Crazy!

Zhu said...

Still raining here too! At least we are not freezing cold anymore but I wish I didn't get soak everytime I plan something adventurous, like a 10-minute walk to the supermarket.

You must be the nicest psychopathic loner I know :-D There is nothing wrong in not looking for a relationship. You had and have a lot going on. Plus, the best relationships start when you are not looking for one, right?

getyourselfconnected said...

What if it's "Raining Men"? Like that song. :)

Whatever you want to do, if I can help, you will.

Emily said...

Having been friends with you for many years, I can say with 1000% certainty that you are NOT a psychopathic loner. But I'm curious which book you are reading that got you on this topic?

Good news about the Ed Master's program. Both you and the program will benefit more when you have the energy and time to fully engage with the material.

It's still raining here in WI....and I have to go diving in Lake Michigan in 2 weeks. :(

au soleil levant said...

Shannon - Wow, crazy weather in Ohio too! Funny that it rained the entire time you were home because I hear the weather in France has been wonderful.

Zhu - Are you guys getting the huge amounts of rain that we're getting here? We've had days where it rains all day. Literally all day long. And I'm glad my psychopathic loner-ness didn't scare you away :)

GYSC - I think Raining Men would be like living a nightmare :) Thanks for the support.

Emily - Thanks for the vote of confidence against my psychopathic loner-ness! The book is something I found for free in the Kindle store called The Truth About Dating, and it's a comedy about this woman and her dating life. I enjoyed it, but it isn't great literature or anything. I heard there was a frozen weather advisory for Northern MI last night, hope it didn't freeze where you are in WI!