Sunday, May 1, 2011

Just wanted to post something new

I think I'm going to leave the matzah background up for a little longer, even though Passover was finished on Monday night.  I already wrote about how much I like Passover as a holiday.  It';s a contest between Passover and Hanukkah for my favorite holiday.  I like the candles and the lights of Hanukkah, and the different dishes we use for Passover.  Clearly my priorities for picking favorite holidays are good and religious-based.  Haha.

I felt like writing but I don't really have anything to write about that I haven't already put on here.  The weather is a little warmer, but still totally cloudy and we're getting a lot of rain.  The new thing this week is that we finally have some leaves and flowers on the trees, and it's basically still March, rather than May.  I would like a little sun, please!  I have to say though, the fact that my physical ability is pretty limited, I'm kind of hoping the weather stays bad because I can't do much outside right now.  Sorry folks who live in Michigan, I'm being a little selfish.

I can't believe it's May already.  This year is going by so fast!  January seems like it was just a few days ago.  I can't believe I've had these physical problems for five months now.  I haven't walked up a staircase normally in five months.  Hopefully this physical therapy will work.

Hmmmm.... can't think of anything else to bore you guys with.  Oh, this week I'll be talking to first year medical students about being an immunosuppressed patient.  I'm hoping to traumatize them into being good doctors :)  Hahaha.  I'll fill you in.


getyourselfconnected said...

I always look forward to any post you write! Spring has sprung here in Massachusetts and everything is green again.

Zhu said...

Michigan seems to be like Canada weather-wise... I saw news from Chicago yesterday and people were wearing their winter jacket :-)

Weather is warmer here, the WE was lovely actually. And the slush mats were taken off at work so it must be a sure sign it won't snow again till next winter :-D

Animesh said...

ooo... speaking to med students! Let us know how it goes.


au soleil levant said...

GYSC - thanks friend :) We're getting more green as the week advances, hopefully we'll get spring soon!

Zhu - Aren't we lucky to have weather like tihs? Hopefully the removal of the slush mats is a good sign!

Animesh - I'll write all about it soon!