Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Movie Shooting!

Our house wasn't chosen for the movie they're shooting in town right now, but another one in the neighborhood was, so my mom and I spent a few hours there last Tuesday watching the goings-on and chatting with neighbors.  It sounds like these are not the scenes they wanted to shoot at our house, and this family was contacted a couple of months before we were about their home being used in the film, so no jealousy issues.  And after watching what went on during the shoot, I'm glad they decided not to use our house.  They drag stuff in and out, make holes in your yard, there are tons of people all over, and they kick you out of your house to change it and use your things.  There weren't many people watching, just the people who own the house they were using and a few people from the neighborhood, and a couple of random people from around town, so maybe 15 total.  That surprised me, I thought there would be a ton of people watching, but no, there weren't, and it was definitely better that way!

The "security" people, who I guess were there to keep us from running across the street or something. wouldn't let us take pictures of the outside of the house, which I didn't get at all.  I snuck a couple of pictures on my cell phone, but they're sideways and I have a new laptop and can't figure out how to use the photo editing software, so you won't get to see them, unless I figure it out.  Sorry guys.  I did get a picture with one of the stars though!  Which I also won't be posting, but it's a pretty good picture.  You can email me if you want to see it.

It was a fun experience to watch, but nothing really happened.  It was exciting when the stars arrived, in Cadillacs, and waved and came over to take pictures and sign autographs, but that was just for a few minutes.  Most of the time they were in the house filming, and we were just standing around trying to make conversation.  Michigan passed a tax credit bill a few years ago to entice movie studios to film here, so a few different movies have been in town, but they're reducing the tax cut because we're in so much debt, so the number of movies being filmed here is going to decrease.  But a bunch of the people who were there had been to other tapings around town, and they were really into being there and talking to whoever they could talk to, and knowing when the stars would be coming and leaving.  And it was my first celebrity siting, and I feel like everyone else in southeast Michigan has had a gazillion already!  It was a fun experience.  Then today when my mom and I were driving back from my appointment we saw the movie trucks again at a different house, so we'll have another opportunity to watch!   


Zhu said...

Sounds like a song from the Tragically Hip: "I shot a move once, in my hometown... everybody was in it, from miles around". :-)

Looks like you got the best of both world, the action without a messy house!

getyourselfconnected said...

Sounds very fun! If Brad Pitt is there I NEED an autograph. I dont think that is weird at all.

Monique said...

Awesome!! See, you still got all the perks of having your house filmed without having to actually move out and have your house filmed haha. I think that's so cool you're able to see a movie being filmed on your block! :)

au soleil levant said...

Zhu - yeah, it's a fun experience!

GYSC - sorry, no Brad Pitt! I wish he were here, but the male star who is here is pretty cool too :)

Monique - good point! We're still trying to figure out which house is the other house they'll be using, hopefully that will be clear soon

getyourselfconnected said...

Sent you a quick note!