Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Not a joke. Seriously.

I got some interesting school gossip the other day. Remember Madame la Directrice de New York? Nice Directeur is retiring this year. Guess who's getting his post? Oh yeah.

On Monday I called the woman at the Inspection Academique (county schools overseer) who is in charge of language education to ask some questions about renewal - basically, if whe knew when I would hear. She knew exactly who I was, was very happy that I wanted to renew, and said that she hadn't seen my dossier but that I should send her a copy of my renewal application and she would send it to the necessary people with an avis, basically her opinion if I should come back or not. I'm hoping that it's a good opinion! I actually saw her at the circonscription (local school district) yesterday when I went to drop the papers off with my conseillere pedagogique, so I gave them directly to her and now it should hopefully be all set. Apparently everyone at the circonscription had forgotten that I asked to renew and they all seemed really happy. Does the heart good!

Last but not least.... in case you've been wondering, the set up with le Rémois* went extremely well. So well in fact that I'm going there this weekend, and have decided that I really do want to renew. What on earth have I gotten myself into? Oy.

*A rémois is a guy who lives in Reims.


Andromeda said...

It sounds like everything is going so well! Yay! I was very curious about the set up, glad it turned out ok, have fun in Reims this weekend!

Leah said...

Yay for renewing!

PS-I think your readers would like deeeetails on Mr. Remois!

shannon said...

Did she give you any idea on when we would hear anything about renewal?? I need to know when I need to grow up and find a real job. In my mom's eyes, that would be right now.