Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why can't they all just strike for goodness sake?

As it turns out I have two teachers who aren't striking, so my trip to Budapest is a total no go. What the heck is wrong with these teachers? Don't they know that it's their duty as French citizens to faire la grève? Really, you'd think they have a work ethic or something. Jeez.

So yeah, I'm not leaving France. My biggest fear about being here for the strike is that it would be extended to a transportation strike as well. After living through two of those, and being stuck in Paris for one of them, I absolutely never want to do that again. Ever.

One thing I've wanted to do now that the weather is nice is days trips to the Versailles gardens (have already done the house, apparently they have music and fountain shows on the weekends in the ardens), Fontainebleu (another chateau), and Giverny. Of course this weekend the beautiful (and unbearably hot) weather will end and we're going to have torrential downpours. Good thing too, with all the hot, sunny weather I was beginning to think that I'd been time warped to the South of France! At least now I know that I'm still in Picardie. :)


Monique said...

Bummer! But, you may find some consolation in the fact that it rained pretty much 99% of the time I was living in Antibes. Though, I did move right after spring started happening...

Andromeda said...

Oh man! If it makes you feel better, none of my schools are striking. They don't even seem to care, which is what's even weirder. Lazy teachers wanting to work! Bah!