Wednesday, February 4, 2009


As of today I am officially illegal. My récépissé has expired and I don't have the second one or a CDS yet. Is that a problem? The bigger problem is that I was supposed to give the lady a photocopy of my réciépissé a week or two ago and just never did. Should I pretend to be shocked that she never got it by mail the next time I go to see her? I may go for that route. Or maybe my CDS will have magically turned up in the past two weeks and it won't even be an issue?

I think the yogurt stealer is at it again. A little while ago I found my jar of tomato sauce open in the cupboard. Had to toss it, since that stuff needs to be refrigerated once opened. Then today when I took my mayo out of the fridge the top wasn't firmly screwed on so the jar fell on the floor and broke. I may have made a legitimate mistake and left the one top unscrewed, or mistakenly put the pasta sauce back in the cupboard after opening the jar, but I don't do things like that. I have no proof that this is a legitimate food crime, only very strong circumstantial evidence. My next step will be to put tape over the jar lids. Hopefully if there is a food robber he will get the hint and stop.

Why do the professors seem to think it is okay to smoke in the professors' lounge? Even the proviseur did it! What part of "interdit" don't they get?!? And who can I even complain to about this? The rectorat? Like the head of the Académie is going to come here and lay down the law about smoking in the lycée. I hate smoking.

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