Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is it vacation yet?

MAJOR CRISIS ALERT: Facebook has been blocked on the lycée computers!!!!! I think this is the stage where I start screaming and throwing crazy fits at the nice secretaries in the intendance to make them take it off the blacklist. How many French teenagers are even on Facebook? And how do they realistically expect me to communicate with my friends without Facebook? Not to mention spying on people, obessively looking at other people's photo albums, obessing over what to put on my profile....

Maybe it will be magically un-blacklisted tomorrow?

Apparently McDo and I are going to become very, very good friends. It could become my Sunday ritual, since there's nothing else to do on Sunday except for laundry.

I am beyond ready for vacation. The kids know it's coming and are très enervé. Franglais question: should enervé be put in the plural in this usage, since I have a plural subject? My gut instinct is no, because it's Franglais, and in English we don't have ridiculous accord issues with our nouns. Oooh, today when I explained to my genius CM2 classes that there are no genders in English they were all like "wow, English is so easy! French must be so hard for you!" I love this class. They are smart and adorable and say things like this that make me happy.

Other news: I may have another French friend in the works. But more on that another time, because I am epuisée and going to bed. I need to build up my strength for the monster class tomorrow because if the pattern of the kids being off the wall holds, they will be totally unmanageable tomorrow. I'll just prepare for the worst and maybe if I'm very lucky they will be slightly less than unmanageable.


David said...

If you leave "énervé" (with one 'n' by the way) singular, why do you agree "épuisée" in the feminine form then?
The only rule with Franglais is to be consistent. ;-)

(personally, I'd be in favor of agreeing everything, or even better, avoid Franglais altogether)

Au Soleil Levant said...

Thanks for the spelling correction. I think the rule with franglais follows the rules with French bureaucracy: it depends on who you're talking to, and there is no consistency.

Monique said...

Ugh no fbook??? My life would be over!! (Socially speaking)