Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hall Gossip Part 2

I have come to the realization that the other people who live on my hallway don't shower. I think the Smoking Prof showers occasionally but that's about it. There is never any water in the shower when I go in there to shower, everything is always in exactly the same position that I left it, and I don't hear anyone else in there in the mornings. That means they go the entire school week without showering. Gross.

Having said that, someone did shower yesterday and then put on some cologne - clearly a date called for the desperate measure of bathing. At first I thought it was Yogurt Stealer, which would have made me really upset that he can get a date and I can't, but since he was in the computer lounge last night and did not smell like cologne, I guess it was one of the other guys. Maybe Smoking Prof's mystery girlfriend is back? Don't you think it's weird that she hasn't stayed over again since that one evening? Maybe one weekend in the lycée was enough for her! Or maybe they can only steal moments together every few months because of the whole affair issue (the idea that they are having an affair is pure speculation on my part based on the fact that it makes for a very interesting story). I really wish I knew what the deal was.

I may have evidence that the stealer of the plat congelé was indeed Awkward Yogurt Stealing Prof. Remember how he left me yogurts and stuff to make up for stealing my yogurts before? Well, I had another one yesterday, which I am guessing was to replace the plat. Apparently yogurts are good to replace every type of food he steals, including frozen pasta dishes taht have no yogurt in them whatsoever. Of course the plat that he ate wasn't actually mine, it was Smoking Prof's, so his pitiful attempt at making up for eating it are going to the wrong person.

See, if I really thought he didn't have enough money to eat and was therefore stealing food I wouldn't mind it as much, but I think he's just too forgetful to remember to keep enough food around, and then when it's late and he gets hungry he figures he can just eat someone else's food, essentially punishing everyone else on the hall for the fact that he is is a flufferbrain. Time to stop being an infant and take responsibility for your actions, dude.

They are doing some kind of work on the hallway. I think they are sprucing things up because the rectorat will be coming at some point to decide how much the lycée can charge for the rooms next year. It's very annoying because they make it impossible to use the bathroom and they make tons and tons of noise - what is with French men and the constant whistling? I'm staying home because I'm sick and need to rest. Can't they keep it down? Or at least get a radio and stop the incessant whistling?


Andromeda said...

LOL flufferbrain. I nearly died, I'm totally using that all the time now!!

shannon said...

My new neighbor has yet to take a shower while here. Granted, he only stays a few nights, but still... I don't get what's with some French people not wanting to shower.

Rose said...

2nd Andromeda: You have officially entered "flufferbrain" into the lexicon.

Au Soleil Levant said...

The French are sort of deficient about personal hygeine in general, aren't they? The whole not washing hands after going to the bathroom thing.

Glad that flufferbrain is a hit, I must proudly confess that I made it up myself.