Friday, April 10, 2009

Upgrading and Updating

Update on the job situation. I had a rejection from a university where all the lecteurs from this year decided to renew, so scratch that one off the list. Still haven't heard from anywhere else, but I'm not too concerned since everyone I talked to told me I was way early to be calling about being a lecteur.

On that same note, I am concerned because I'm trying to apply to all the IUTs (technical universities) in Paris and I'm really stuck. I can hardly find anything online about any language program whatsoever at the IUTs (even though I know they exist!) so I don't have any phone numbers or email addresses except the general information number. I've called these general information numbers, and they have been generally unhelpful, giving no information or connecting me to other unhelpful people who tell me to try the general number again. *sigh* Any ideas? It's getting really late now to be applying (even though it seems that Paris has a general end recruitment date of April 30th, it's still late to be applying) and I'm worried that I haven't tried hard enough to get a job if I want to stay next year and therefore by default will not be staying. *sigh*

In other news, the renovations on the hallway are apparently going to upgrade me to a new shower and a new kitchen! They just told me today. Next week I won't have a shower for at least Tuesday (although they have provided me with an extremely inconvenient substitute) but then I will have a nice sparkly new one (all for myself since no one else on the hall showers). Big thumbs up to no more showering in mold and falling plaster. And a new kitchen! How awesome is that? Maybe they'll give me a burner that actually works! Or a real oven! I could make cookies and cakes all the time!


Better hope for the sake of my waist line that they don't give me an oven.

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Eileen said...

Yeah those sholud definitely exist. They have a whole freakin journal where they publish stuff about teaching languages at the IUTs.

I really don't know if that'll be helpful at all.