Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hall Gossip

Apparently who ever is stealing food on our hallway is at it again. Smoking Prof told me that last Thursday someone ate a frozen meal of his. What in the heck is up with this? Remember that my angry sign about only eating what you bought is still on the fridge door. We discussed a bit the different possibilities for who had eaten the food - surveillants, students, someone on the hall. Surveillants have no motivation to take the food, students would probably not steal a frozen meal (where would they warm it up? Why would they stick around the hall long enough to warm it up?). So we're left with someone on the hall. Is Awkard Yogurt Stealing Prof moving on to frozen foods? Or is someone new at work? Is it really so hard to remember to buy food to eat? Smoking Prof jokingly said that they should pay teachers more to stop the food stealing. Umm, considering the fact that I make about half (or maybe even less) than full-fledged secondary school teachers make, YES.

This is getting ridiculous. I will be speaking with the agent comptable about this issue before the end of the week.


Monique said...

I vote yogurt stealing prof... I mean, he already has the word "stealing" in his name, so it's gotta be him.

Zhu said...

I knew being a teacher was hard, I didn't know some were so starving they had to steal food from coworkers :D