Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

A healthy, happy, and hopeful New Year to everyone! I am certainly ready for some new beginnings and a fresh outlook. Good riddance 2009!

Bonne année, bonne santé!


Leesa said...

How appropriate... Did you just get an email today from Laura K. Lawless? I just got one and read that expression.. I just emailed it to you!
I wish you a Happy New Year and Good Health!!


Notes from Noël said...

Happy New Year to you too! Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2010!

Thanks for keeping us updated on your great progress!

Zhu said... surtout bonne santé pour toi !

au soleil levant said...

Leesa - I've always heard my students use the expression, one of them even had a little song for it!

Noelle - thanks! Happy New Year!

Zhu - merci! Meilleurs voeux!

Lizz said...

Mm, I also can't wait for what 2010 has to offer! Here's to fresh starts. Happy New Year! :D

au soleil levant said...

Lizz - thanks! happy New Year to you too!