Saturday, January 23, 2010

I was at the doctor yesterday, it was fine, and I do have health updates to give but I don't really feel like it today. Today I need a break.

Instead, a totally shallow post about things I wish I had bought but didn't. Because we all need a little more consumerism in our lives.

- I wish I had bought more clothes while I was in France. I have no idea how I would have gotten them back to the US since I had to spend a lot of money to ship a lot of things as it was, but I miss French clothes. Actually, a more accurate description of this feeling is that I wish I could buy French clothes right now but I'm too cheap to pay for shipping.

- A music box playing Das klinget so herrlich from The Magic Flute while I was in Salzburg. I really thought about it and really wanted one, but thought it was a little too much money for what I was getting, and it's so terribly touristy to buy something like that. Now I wish I had just bought it. My choir in Soissons sang that chorus so it has some sentimental value and wasn't just a totally touristy impulse. Oh well, reason to go back again, right?

- A book from the Musee Chagall in Nice. I didn't want to lug a big heavy book on the train with me in my backpack so I just bought a wimpy brochure thing instead. I'm lazy as well as cheap. I regretted that decision almost as soon as I left Nice.

- More pastries while I was in France. My waistline doesn't regret this, but my tummy does!

- In general, I wish I had eaten more food in France, specifically at good restaurants. By not eating out very often I saved money for other things like travel, but good food is always worth spending money on.

- I wish I had gone to Mike's Pastry more often when I lived in the Boston area. They have cannolis like you wouldn't believe, and for Easter they make this super delicious ricotta pie, which is kind of like a galette des rois with ricotta filling. They have lots of other different bakery goodies and Italian specialties too, including gelato. I wish I had eaten in the North End more often in general. The North End is Boston's Little Italy and the food there is amazing.

- More food everywhere. I like food.

- Sweaters. I am always freezing. I need more warm clothes. This is something I can fix from the US though if I just move my lazy butt and go grab my credit card so that I can buy something online.

- DVDs of movies and tv shows that I like. Also something I can fix by grabbing my credit card. I'm so ridiculously happy with my How I Met Your Mother DVDs that it makes me want to buy more DVDs that I like.

The Food Network has this new show with their various celebrity chefs talking about the best things they ever ate. Maybe I'll post about those soon. That will take some thought though. Might be a multi-part series. Anyone else interested in participating?


Amanda said...

More clothes in France? Really?! Pastries/food/that line of stuff, I'm definitely right with you, but clothes!? And even the mere mention of Mike's actually has me salivating. But clothes in France? I just always had the sense they were more expensive than need be! Even during the soldes.... Or maybe that's just the unfavorable exchange rate these days? Reasons to go back, indeed! :-)

Mary Community Farm Kitchen said...

Word on the street is that Silvio's Organic Pizza has really really good ricotta cake, and it's right here in town. So, um, something to look forward to when you can eat out again!

Along with ALL THE CUPCAKES EVER! Looking forward to another cupcake date...maybe your mom can make us some so we don't have to wait so long! As soon as food tastes good again, right? Does it taste good now?? I'm afraid I'm not keeping track.

Leesa said...

Hey Mir....

More clothes?? I didn't know you bought clothes in France! They're so expensive.. well, not at H&M but at real boutiques in Paris! Maybe Tati is calling your name somewhere from Montmarte- heheehee!!
Just kidding!!

I can understand the eat more pastries/food, too...
I barely ever eat French pastries or French food- that's because I cook and bake myself.

I would definitely say I'd need to see more French films and explore Paris more..
I barely know it compared to how I should in almost 4 years - even though I know it well...
Anyhow... I'm getting hungry now after writing that...
Have a nice Sunday!!

Monique said...

Duuuude, I'd for sure join in on a best thing I ever ate blog post soon!!!!!!

au soleil levant said...

Amanda - With the clothes it's more an issue of preferring the style in France than in the US. The stuff I like in the US is just as if not more expensive than what I would be buying in France!

Mary - Yep, I think my taste buds are back to normal now. OK, after the middle of March we have a date for cupcakes and ricotta pie. I'll take you to the place at the mall this time and we can do a side by side comparison with Cupcake Station.

Leesa - weirdly enough H&M in France is totally different from H&M in the US. In the US they have more of the alternative rocker-style type stuff rather than the cute dresses and tops that I like in France. Paris is so big, I think it would take many, many years to really know the whole city well. When I come back we can go exploring together.

Monique - awesome! I'm thinking now of making it a multi-part series of shorter posts about different types of food I really like. Best Overall Bakery, Best Pastry, Best Soup, Best Nachos, Best Pasta, that kind of thing. Whaddya think?

Zhu said...

I'm sure it's just me but I hated clothe shopping in France. I find most store were either cheap but poor quality (i.e. Pimky) or better quality but so expensive (anything with a brand, really, plus Levis, Zara etc.). I find clothes much cheaper in Canada and somehow the style fits me better.

As for warm sweater, do you know Roots? It's a Canadian company (not sure if it's famous in the US or not) and they make super warm sweater. The style is pretty relaxed but I love their stuff. I guarantee you won't be cold with that!

And pastries... yep I miss that too.

au soleil levant said...

Maybe I need to move to Canada? I didn't realize French clothes were going to be be so controversial! I find that I like fewer things in the US than I did in France and most of what I like is just as if not more expensive. Time to find different stores I guess!

I do know Roots! At the summer camp I used to go to about half of the counselors were Canadian and they always had Roots stuff. That's a great idea.