Monday, July 25, 2011

Back from break!

I've been back since Friday, just took a while to upload my pictures so I could make some posts.  I really didn't take that many pictures this year because it was so ridiculously hot out, I just couldn't spend the extra time in the sun!

Our condo was fantastic again.  Same model as last year, but on the second floor rather than the third floor.  

Here are pictures of the view, but for some reason that I don't know and find frustrating, Blogger has rotated some of them.  So you can either crane your neck to the side and peek at them that way, or just look at the ones that are right side up.  Or if you know how to fix this problem, please let me know!

Looking out on the East Bay towards Old Mission Peninsula

Looking back towards mainland Michigan

There are lots of boats in the Grand Traverse Bay, but fewer on the East Bay than the West Bay

Some of condos are owned, and the dock is for boats that belong to owners.  The seats on the beach are up for grabs.

Having fun in Lake Michigan!  The lake is probably the best way to escape the heat and humidity.

Stay tuned for more sideways pictures of Traverse City!


getyourselfconnected said...

Very nice! Did you do any fishing??? Or did you just catch some sweets?

Zhu said...

I must be tired, I tried to make sense of the first couple of pics. THEN I turned my head :-D

Looks lovely and relaxing! You had great weather too, didn't you?

au soleil levant said...

GYSC - I've never fished before, so no! But it's very popular on the Great Lakes and we ate a lot of fresh fish. I may have indulged my fishing fantasies at the ice cream parlor!

Zhu - haha, even after I warned you! The weather for me was okay. It was nice and sunny but really, really hot and humid, like in Ottawa, and I really don't like that kind of weather, so I had to persuade myself to leave the condo! I guess that's better than too cold?

Monique said...

so pretty! I haven't ever even been to Michigan, so the references are lost on me :) Someday soon! I'd like to see all 50 states.

au soleil levant said...

Guess the only way to get the references is to make a trip here! I highly recommend it!