Friday, July 15, 2011

Great birthday present!

I'm getting discharged today!  Unfortunately we won't be out on time for our Harry Potter tickets, but I have a feeling it will be in theaters for a while, and we still get to leave on Sunday for our trip to Traverse City!

On Wednesday and Thursday I had sedated procedures, so I wasn't up for much computer time.  But I'm feeling better since starting the antibiotics and anti fungal.  I can breathe more deeply, I don't feel as out of breath when I'm doing things, so that's all good news.  I don't have to wear oxygen all the time anymore either.  That was one of my guidelines for getting discharged, I had to be off oxygen, and so I am.  I'll still be on some antibiotics and an anti fungal, but at least I'll be out and able to enjoy myself!

Today we'll probably be running around doing shopping for things we'll need to take up north with us.  We'll be staying in a condo on the beach with a kitchen so we bring some snacks and things, but they have fantastic food up there too.  Moomer's ice cream, the Pleasantown bakery, Black Star Farms raclette cheese and French pastries (the best croissants I've had outside of France!), and of course the wineries!  So today won't be so birthday focused, but that's okay, I have a great dinner planned for tonight.  Tuna steaks, smashed potatoes, roasted potatoes (my dad's favorite, if we don't have them it isn't Shabbat), pea pods, and for dessert, coconut cheesecake! 

I wonder if they pushed to get me out of here because the hospital is full and they need my room, or because they really like me and wanted to get me out for my birthday and vacation.  Probably both!  I am pretty popular among the medical folks, if that doesn't sound too ridiculous to say out loud :)

Hope everyone has a  wonderful day!


getyourselfconnected said...

Great news!!! So glad you are getting paroled for the weekend. As they say, if the pulse Ox is legit, you must acquit!

Seriously, I will have your song up tonight and I wish the best birthday. All my best my good friend.

Watchtower said...

Happy Birthday!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Amber said...

That sounds like an awesome birthday! I hope that you get to enjoy every second of it. Who knew they had raclette OR good croissants in the US, and both in the same place? It's fate.

au soleil levant said...

GYSC - thanks for playing my song last night! Had a great day out of the hospital, doing things I like to do on my birthday!

Watchtower - thanks so much for stopping by and the birthday wishes!

Amber - thanks for the birthday wishes! We're leaving tomorrow morning for vacation and I can't wait to fill up on all the good food that will be up there!

Zhu said...

That's a great birthday present indeed! Hope you are having many more (like... chocolate? Fun stuff?).

Joyeux anniversaire (un peu en retard)!

au soleil levant said...

Thanks Zhu! I have already indulged in some ice cream!

Monique said...

that was great news!!! I hope you saw HP finally, and let me know how it is. I don't know if I'm up for spending the money to see it in theaters or not this time around haha :)

au soleil levant said...

No Harry Potter yet, but I will be seeing it in theaters.... at some point!

veganna said...

You were there favorite patient! Awww, it's so good to read this blog. I never knew it existed. It's nice to be able to hear your voice still. I miss you and love you a lot.

your sister