Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Moomers is an award winning ice creamery outside of Traverse City.  Good Morning America awarded them the best ice cream in Americ award a few years ago for their signature flavor, Cherries Moobilee, which is cherry flavored ice cream with sweet and tart cherries, fudge swirl, and brownie pieces.  YUM!

The problem with Moomers is that it is only available in a few stores up near Traverse City, in their adorable store that's abot 20 minutes outside of town, or you can order it online.  This year a big change was that you can buy pints at Tom's, the local chain grocery store.  So we bought some of them to start off out trip!  We got grasshopper, mint oreo, something chocolate, and coconut almond delight, which isn't my favorite because I don't like nuts.  But everything else was delicious!  We also got cinnamon bun at some point, I think it must have been then.  The next night we went out for ice ream and got lots different flavors!  Black raspberry, mango, lemon custard, lemon sorbet with raspberry sauce, chocolate peanut butter chunk, and chocolate raspberry chunk.  We all had fresh bowls, and some got multiple flavors, which is why we had so much ice cream!  I didn't try the two lemon flavors because my brother and sister carry germs, but the black raspberry and mango were fantastic, the chocolate peanut butter chunk is a favorite from last year, and the chocolate raspberty was mine, and was fantastic!  Chocolate ice cream with a raspberry swirl and raspberry filled chocolate cups.  Amazing!  My mom and I went back the days before we left and got some pints and quarts to indulge in that evening, and to take back with us.  We got chocolate peanut better chuunk, cherries moobilee, coconut almost delight, toasted coconut (for those who don't like nuts), raspberry truffle (just like the chocolate raspberry but with vanilla ice cream), and ummmm..... somethng else.  I think it was amaretto cherry.

Think we got enough ice cream??!!!!

The great part about Moomers is that their ice cream is the perfect amount of creamy and sweet, not too much of either, and the flavors are very authentic, not at all fake or artificially flavored.  It's a real treat!

I was too busy eating the ice cream to take any pictures of it, but here are some pictures of Moomers!


Zhu said...

I'm sure I'd like eat, even if I'm not a big ice-cream eater! Fresh products like that are almost better than ice-cream tubs at the supermarket.

I always forget to take pictures of my food when I'm hungry or when it's really good. I take it as a good sign!

Monique said...

YUM!!! I love finding local dairy shops :) We have one here and they also put on a farmer's market. The ice cream is soooo good.

getyourselfconnected said...

I love the pictures of that place! Glad you had a good time.

au soleil levant said...

Glad you like the Moomer's pics and info! I've been enjoying the stuff we brought back with us :)