Saturday, July 9, 2011


I have huge feet.  It's kind of embarrassing, actually.  I wear a size 11, 42 in European sizes!  I never found any shoes in France that fit, and even in the US it's a problem. 

Because of my limited mobility, I'm supposed to be wearing shoes that have thick soles and are supportive, and if I wear sandals they have to have straps over my feet and around my ankle.  Guys, those shoes are all UGLY!  I keep looking and hoping to find something useful, and I found a pair that's... okay.  Less bad than the others, and not too terrible.  I want a pair of sandals for our trip to Traverse City, so I decided to buy them. 

The sandals came yesterday.  My other foot problem is that they are very skinny and sometimes I need to buy narrow width.  These ones were only available in an 11 medium.  So I tried them on, and they're too big!  They're too wide, they don't fasten tightly enough, and I think they might actually be a little long.  That isn't usually a problem I have with shoes!

I'm not sure if ordering a 10 narrow will help, but I'm thinking about it.  I think it's funny that this is what led me to find shoes that are too big!


Gwan said...

I'm a 39-40, I always thought that was pretty average till I came here and found out French and English women seem to have teeny feet! My problem though is the opposite to yours, seem to be wide and short so I'm always getting pinched in one bit and slipping off at the heel...

Gwan said...

PS My favourite comment was when I was shopping for sandals at the start of the summer, I said to the woman in the shop that the shoes were too big at the heel and rubbing and she goes "oh, that's just a summer shoe, you've forgotten what it should feel like". Um, good try, but no, summer shoe amnesia passed me by this year!

Zhu said...

I'm 5'7 and I usually wear size 9-10 but even 11 if the shoes are narrow or tight.

I don't have the energy to be self-conscious about my feet! :-D I mean, feet are proportional to your body so the taller you are, the bigger your feet are!

I hated buying shoes in France though because shoes are tiny there.

au soleil levant said...

Gwan - I love the story about forgetting what summer shoes feel like! I guess she really wanted you to buy those shoes :) Sorry to hear about the wide foot problem, that sounds annoying.

Zhu - wow, a Frenchie who doesn't like buying shoes in France! And who has big feet! Amazing! You have a good attitude about your feet. I wish I felt the same way, but I really want to have an easier time finding shoes!