Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My life in France just improved by leaps and bounds!!!

I found normal-temperature pasturized milk in the refrigerated section today! Merci mille fois Monoprix! This is a happy girl here. I'm salivating over all the bowls of cereal and glasses of milk in my future. Of course it's super expensive, €1.20 per liter, which works out to about $7 per gallon, but this will be worth it. And since I finally had the pleasure of perusing the cereal aisle, I found all kinds of cool American cereals. Who would have thought that Golden Grahams are sold in France?

I feel like I'm being sent signs by the universe. First my carte vitale, now fresh milk, next up French boyfriend? Hmmm, wonder if that bus driver is still available... :P

1 comment:

Rose said...

Well you certainly could have had a French boyfriend but you turned down the bus driver. You have no one to blame but yourself ;-)

Why would you buy Golden Grahams when there is perfectly good granola with chocolate chips.