Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What do you call a kosher for Passover TV dinner? A Matzah Meal!

Other things I'm enjoying: American Idol, Law and Order repeats on alllll the time, and cheddar cheese!

I know I sound like a TV junkie, but I'm not at all. I don't have a TV in France. At home I have a few shows I watch and that's it because I'm too busy. Usually I spend my free time reading, but since I'm not supposed to be doing too much of that right now to rest my eyes, I end up watching tons of TV.

Today my mom and I went shopping for some Kosher for Passover food. Passover, or Pesach in Hebrew, is the holiday that commemorates the exodus from Egypt. We aren't allowed to eat any leavened bread for eight days, no beans, no corn because our ancestors had to flee Egypt so quickly that there wasn't time for the bread dough to rise, resulting in flat cracker things called matzah. You're supposed to switch over all the dishes and everything in your house and totally clean it of any food that isn't specifically kosher for Passover. Any food that comes in must be kosher for Passover. My family is not Orthodox but we do keep kosher and every year we do all of this stuff required for Passover. Most people think it's a pain in the behind, but it's my favorite holiday! I like having a week set aside to be totally different from other weeks to remind us of the struggles and sacrifices and suffering of our ancestors and how in so many places in the world that is still going on in this day and age.

Anyway, we saw some adorable kiddie toys when we were shopping today!

Do you know your Four Questions?

Can you name the Ten Plagues? With those finger puppets or that playset, Yes You Can!

Or maybe a plush, velcro Seder plate? Except that I don't see an orange on that Seder plate....

And for the child who does not know how to ask, a Matzah Pal!

I love capitalism :)


Monique said...

haha that's cute!

And last time I checked, the Tigers have done better (as of late) in post-season appearances than the A's.... ouch. I'm thinking of 2006 specifically. Let's not mention what happened in the ALCS, mmkay?

Anyways, it's still early in the season! I <3 baseball :)

Andromeda said...

though not jewish at all, i've managed to get to a kosher seder every year since my first year in college! this year is in dublin, the capital of catholic land. and this will be the second time i've been to one there! definitely my favorite holiday that i'm maybe not actually supposed to celebrate. happy pesach! :-)