Thursday, April 3, 2008


Not with any French men, but with French women! Dare I say that I may have finally found French friends? And not just any French friends, but that elusive French female friend?

The soirée célibataire (singles night) was a total bust, there wasn't even one at the bar! D had been lied to when whe called to double check. That was better for me because I was actually kind of terrified of a singles night. I just didn't really feel like labelling myself as being single or looking for a relationship. I feel vulnerable enough as it is because of my accent; it's very obvious that I'm not actually French, and I think being marked liked that is potentially not so safe. Besides, who am I really going to meet in a tiny French town? Finding an intelligent, ambitious, educated guy around my age in a town of 30,000 is not so likely.

Anyway, I had a really fun time just hanging out with my coworkers, D and F. There were definitely some tough times understanding everything, especially because they are already friends with each other and I was sort of out of the loop about whatever they were talking about. But it worked, and I think I came off well. So well in fact that we thought about going out again tonight, but decided not to because we're all busy and tired. But D said we should definitely go out after vacation. Score!!! And because I actually see both of them twice a week at work I think this is really going to happen, unlike all the other times when you meet someone, exchange numbers, make tentative plans to do something, and then it never happens. I'm quite pleased.

Today was present day in my classes for the kids who had behaved well. There were lots of kids who wanted to know why they didn't get a cadeau. Reflechis un peu you little blabbermouth. Do you really think you behaved well enough to deserve a present? Yeah, didn't think so. No super cool pencil from America for you!

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Leah said...

Yay for (girl) friends! They really can be a challenge to find, but once you do, you're in for good!