Sunday, April 13, 2008

Things I'm really enjoying right now....

1. ABC online show viewing. Best thing EVER. I've been catching up on my favorite shows - Lost, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, and Ugly Betty. American TV is awesome!!

2. Spicy food! Salsa, spicy humus - bring on the Tums!

3. Normal milk!!!!!

4. Central heating. It snowed last night! It's all melted now, but I was nice and toasty.

5. Being with my family :)

6. My mom's cooking. My mom is an awesome cook normally, and compared to lycee food she really looks good.

7. Cars. I'm not driving right now but it's nice to be in cars. And the cars are a normal size here! They're huge! But man oh man, gas is expensive. It cost almost $50 to fill up my 15 gallon tank! No wonder we're in a recession, no one can afford life anymore. Food is more expensive too, and of course houses are being foreclosed right and left.

8. Cheap makeup. A cheap eye shadow quad at Sephora is like 12 euros (I think, maybe 16) which is $18. A Maybelline eye shadow quad at CVS is $6.50.

9. Real sports! I got to watch the NCAA Final Four and Championship games, and sometimes if I'm really lucky they even have football replays on!!! I don't know if I can last another year without football. :(

10. Looking at what people are wearing. I love that American style is so casual; it's a refreshing change from France where it's an event to get ready for a normal day. It's exhausting!

What I miss:

1. Using French on a daily basis. I've been watching the news online and reading a little from Le Monde, but it really isn't the same.

2. My kids (to clarify: students, not my offspring)

3. My couette. I love that thing. I am going to be super sad to leave it in France. I'm already sad that we're apart for three weeks, even though my bed and pillows are so much more comfy here.

What's the same:

1. The weather! Well, maybe not exactly. We've had some nice, warm days over 60, but we've also had some gray, cloudy, rainy days too.

2. Soccer is still on TV. I don't have a TV at the lycee but the rare time that I go out to a bar it's always on TV. I guess ESPN has resorted to showing soccer games now, and my brother is on spring break this week so he's watching it. That's okay, I've kind of gotten into soccer.

3. I'm still sick of French food. My mom had a brie out with dinner last night and I just watched it sit there, oozing Frenchness all over my nice American house.


Jennie said...

Aww, you're making me miss home!! Sounds like you're having a great time. :)

Monique said...

haha the first time I went back was SO WEIRD... I freaked out at the grocery store when the checker BAGGED my groceries FOR ME.

Amazing. I can't wait to go back in a few days :) I hope you're having fun!!