Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day +3

No fevers today, which is good news. I am finally getting mouth sores, which are exactly what they sound like (can also be in the throat) and are caused by the chemo. Mouth sores don't go away until the new immune system starts growing, because you need the white blood cells to heal, and they can make eating and swallowing pretty painful and difficult. So, I am now on a patient controlled pain pump, or a PCA, and I have a little button I can push to get some great pain meds and feel all better.


WBC: 0.6
HGB: 8 (had a blood transfusion today)
HCT: 22.9%
PLT: 32 (will probably have a platelet transfusion tomorrow)

The Amish are gone! I was so disappointed when I left my room for my daily walk and they were no longer there. How am I supposed to occupy myself if I can't spy on the Amish anymore?!


Animesh said...

Good to know that the fever is gone. Hope you get even better soon.


Alexandra said...

Stay strong Mira! How are the Amish?

Zhu said...

Who knew Amish people were that entertaining...! ;-)

Mouth sores suck. I had some long long time ago and I still remember it...

au soleil levant said...

Thanks guys!

Alex, the Amish were extraordinarily interesting, and now they are gone. I am broken hearted :(