Monday, December 14, 2009

Day +5

Good news: it was another boring day. Except for when an IV pump started beeping at 6 AM and the nurse didn't seem to know how to make it stop, so it kept going off intermittently until 7 AM and I lost an hour of sleep this morning. That wasn't cool. You know, you're in the hospital because you're sick and need to rest, but they make it impossible! First they come in to take vital signs (blood pressure and temperature) at 1 AM and 5 AM. At some point between 5 and 7 AM they do a blood draw (luckily for me they've been doing it with the 5 AM vital signs, so that's one less disturbance). Then the IV pumps are constantly beeping because a bag is empty or there is air in the line or something stupid like that. Sometimes the nurses have to come in to give you oral or IV medication and wake you up either accidentally or purposefully. And of course because you get pumped full of fluid all day and night, you wake up a zillion times to pee. And they wonder why everyone here is sick!


WBC: 0.9 (again, not a real increase)
ANC: 0.1
HGB: 11.3 (also not a real increase because it can depend on how much fluid is in your system)
HCT: 32.9%
PLT: 65 (got a nice bump from my transfusion yesterday)

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Zhu said...

I get really mad when people disturb my sleep and I'm not exactly a morning person -- je compatis !