Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thank goodness, today was my last day of chemo. Let's hope that tomorrow is a little better than today. I spent the whole day in bed, again. I keep having to remind myself that this is supposed to suck and I'm supposed to feel crappy and completely drained, and try to hope that the next day or next hour is better. Until it gets better, I think sleeping through the crappiness is a good technique.


WBC: 5
Hgb: 11
Hct: 32%
Plts: 155

Tomorrow (Monday) is a day off from all treatment and I'll be using it to plan my second second bithday party. Hopefully I will also feel well enough to write "joyeux noel" and my name inside the Christmas cards I bought to send to France. It would be nice if they arrived in France before the holiday.


Zhu said...

Glad the chemo is over! You will feel better, just give it a bit of time. One step at the time...

Yeah, I know, I'm not patient and I'm not the best person to give that advice.


Emily said...

Hope things went well today!!