Saturday, December 5, 2009

My concentration and memory are pretty close to zero these days, a lovely phenomenon known as "chemo brain." I barely had the patience to watch a half hour long episode of How I Met Your Mother last night and kept checking how much time I had left before it would be over. But I had a major victory today in that I have eaten a bunch of food - two bagels with peanut butter, three cups of cranberry juice, and this funky nutritional supplement mixed with Sprite. Major victory on the food front.

Other good news is that tomorrow (Sunday) is the last day of chemo! Yay! That should help me feel a little bit better. I'll probably still feel pretty crappy for the next couple of weeks until I engraft, but no chemo will definitely make each day a bit more bearable. Monday is a rest day and Tuesday is The Big Day.


WBC: 5.1
ANC: 5.0
Hgb: 11.1
Hct: 33.8%
PLT: 200

Okay, that's about all my brain can handle for now. Thanks again for all the support and good wishes.


Zhu said...

Good, glad the bad chemo is almost over.

Don't worry about your lack of concentration, it really doesn't show in your post. ;-)

shannon said...

Glad the chemo is almost over!! And happy you were able to eat something!

Leesa said...

Last day of chemo!! Now, that's a BIG YAY!!!
When you have a moment.. Stop by my blog, I'm going to post something for you!!!!!!

Mary Community Farm Kitchen said...

I love you! I'm trying to think of a good "second second birthday" present surprise! ;-)