Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day +6

After having a bunch of energy over the past couple of days, I crashed today and spent a good chunk of the day sleeping. I remember that during my last transplant Day 6-Day 10 were the toughest days. That's because this is when the white count is the lowest. Today was the first day that I had absolutely 0 neutrophils, or the white blood cells that are the first line of defense against infections. I'm anticipating that the next couple of days are going to be kind of rough, so if I don't post, it's probably because I'm tired and don't have the energy. The best way to get through this time is to sleep through it. Once my donor cells engraft in a few days and I produce some white blood cells I'll start feeling better and start thinking about getting out of here...

WBC: 1
ANC: 0
Hgb: 10.8
Hct: 29%


Barbara said...

Hi Mira,
You try & rest and stock up your strenght!
I know what you mean in the last post of being disturbed by hospital personnel coming to take vitals & whatnot. I've been hospitalised before and I know what that's like !

It's cold in Paris now but no snow yet. It might snow tonight or tomorrow though.

Zhu said...

Sleep well, you are not missing much. It's cold, people are shopping like crazy and Santa Claus hasn't come yet ;-)

Leesa said...

Hey Mir....

Just wanted to say hi and to tell you yeh... girl, just rest up a bit! You're such a spaz, anyhow!!!! I am sure that your body is working hard to get you back to tip top shape- and to get you out of the hôpital! And when you get out and get home... start up on the ice cream and try a bunch of new flavors that I have NO access to.... hehehe!
I miss Dryer's ice cream a lot!!!! It's freezing here, too.. So, you wouldn't be able to really enjoy the great outdoors so much if you were here!

Mary Community Farm Kitchen said...

hey sweet lady, stay strong! It's been crazy this week but I haven't stopped thinking about you. Let me know if/when you have the energy for a phone call!

Amanda said...

Heya! Just wanted to pop in and say hang strong girl! Even if I'm not usually leaving lots of comments and such, I make it a point to get on here each day to check out your post. It's a highlight of my day!

I hear also that Paris has had snow today! Eeeeeps! Speaking of Paris, is there an address that I could send you a postcard/book(s) something from there? If yes, drop me an e-mail/FB message! (I had the insane idea that a winter vacation to snow-covered France, with an airline connection in Iceland would be fun...it's probably going to turn into a week in airports!) Hang in there! We're all routing for ya! :-)